AAPI Celebrates India’s Independence Day; Joins India Day Parade in Chicago

AAPI Celebrates India’s Independence Day; Joins India Day Parade in Chicago

(August 12, 2019) Chicago, IL. American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)  joined the India Day Parade, spreading the message of health and wellness at the India Day Parade in Greater Chicago area with much fanfare for the fifth time in a row on Aug 11, 2019. The float was organized by Dr. Suresh Reddy, President of AAPI, Dr. Meher Medavaram, Chair of the upcoming Chicago Convention and Dr. Niranjana Shah, President of IAMA, local chapter in Illinois.

“As we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of India’s Independence. AAPI, the premier organization that represents over 65,000 physicians and 25,000 Residents of Indian Origin in the United states, we want to convey our greetings to all the people of Indian origin on this day of national celebration,” Dr. Suresh Reddy, President of AAPI, said here on August 11th.

Attendees from AAPI included Dr. Seema Arora, Chair BOT, Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, President Elect, Dr. Anupama Gotimukula Vice President, Dr. Ravi Kolli, Secretary and Dr. Raj Bhayani, the Treasurer. Other dignitaries include Dr. Jagdish Gupta, Regional Director, Dr. Satheesh Kathula, Chair of IT Committee and Dr. Rupak Parikh, Past YPS President and. Co-Chair of the Chicago Convention 2020.

Attendees from IAMA (local chapter) were, Dr. Niranjana Shah, President, Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, immediate Past President, Dr. Dilip Shah, Treasurer, and Dr. Ram Medavaram and several others.

Dr. Bharat Barai, Board of Trustee, AAPI also attended the event. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, US congressman was one of the Chief Guests at the event. The much anticipated annual parade, which is one of the largest community event, was organized by the Federation of Indian Americans (FIA-Chicago Chapter).

Around 80 floats paraded through the streets of greater Chicago, while tens of thousands of Indians watched and cheered as the floats pass by. The evening entertainment included a free concert by the famous Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan, and several food stalls representing various parts of India.

Dr. Suresh Reddy and Dr. Seema Arora on behalf of the entire Executive committee and Board of Trustees of AAPI, wishes the entire AAPI community a wonderful India Independence Day this week.

“AAPI takes special pride in saluting our beloved tricolor. Let us recall with pride the great sacrifice of our freedom fighters, whose undying love for India secured us our freedom,” Dr. Reddy said, as the AAPI leaders from across the nation marched at the parade. For more information, please visit: www.aapiusa.org

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