Vipul Ishwarlal Patel will always be remembered for hard work and honesty

Vipul Ishwarlal Patel will always be remembered for hard work and honesty

Chicago, IL: We appreciate all of you joining us to honor the memory of Vipul Ishwarlal Patel. He passed away due to savior heart attack, on Monday – May 20, 2019, at 1:00 pm in Chicago.  Vipul will live forever in our hearts. May his soul rest in peace.

His funeral was well attended by community leaders, family members and friends. Hitesh Gandhi; Vice president of FIA, Lalbhai Patel; Chairman of Umiya Mataji Temple, Chandrakant Modi MD; Chairman Asian Cremation USA, Dinaben Modi, Sailash Masa, Rekha Patel, Usha Masi and Bipin Mama came from L.A. Jayshreeben and Devendra Patel joined from Chicago. Vipul had lots of friends among the photographer and videographer groups, along with Chirag Patel, Hanif, Kalpesh Gandhi, Asish Desai and Urvesh Thakkar. Nilu, Lubna [Threading Salon], Niki, Komal Jani, Manubhai Jani, Amit (Anant) Shah and Sardar Patel Group. Since, his both sons were in India, so, entire “Agni Sanskar Vidhi” was performed by Shital Patel son Devers Desai. Funeral was attended by Shobhana Patel’s coworkers and friends. Even though month of Ramadan, a lot of Muslim friends [Amrin, Noor and Ayesha], also attended the funeral. Kiran Rami and Sonal Rami contribute flowers and David Pimm donate funeral for Vipul Patel. Atul and Alka from Hare Rama and Hare Krushna participate in chanting Chapter 12 and 15 Bhagavad-Gita Adhyāya.

Vipul Patel was a simple man who loved his family and worked every day with reliability and dependably. Vipul was the prime example of accepting perplexing work that others in his profession stayed away. Vipul was successful warrior who met challenges early in life due to death of his father when he was just 11 yrs. old.  He became bread winner and concurrently completed Commerce degree. Motivation and hard work with range and depth of his visionary artistic talent and amazing energy lead him to successful, a self-taught, and talented well-liked popular Photo and videographer. He was known to many members of the Health and Engineering professional groups in the Chicago community.

One example comes to my mind. One day on hot sunny humid August 15 India Independence Day on Devon Avenue in Chicago, he was assigned to the parade route to take full length video, lasting several hours. When no one else wanted such weighty task, Vipul accepted the challenge.  He carried heavy video camera in poignant spectacle and produced an outstanding product. The highlight from his work was selected for broadcast watched by millions of viewers in the evening news on local TV channel.

Vipul and his wife Shobhana, has been the pillar of strength for Asian Media USA. They both burnt lots of midnight oil means long hours to keep up the professional excellence. Their dedication to raise the quality and delivery standards always moved to the higher levels for Asian Media USA. Vipul relentlessly covered numerous high-power events such as, the Governor of Illinois; and the Mayor of Chicago.  He always showed great class in meeting with the elected dignitaries like City Aldermen, Senators and Congressmen. His versatility is evident from the fact that he also covered the press briefing with Honorable Shri Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India. Being an avid sportsman himself, Vipul always took special interest in covering the community sports event like the annual meets of Punjabi Cultural Society, Palatine, Illinois. The wide variety of his professional achievements also included meticulously covering the details of visits of many cultural and movie artists from India.

Vipul, despite his chronic illness exposing him to high risk of becoming dehydrated completed his duty.

His enduring work of creating a photographic memorial will be fondly remembered by many individuals, and families. Despite his health challenges, nothing stopped him from being outwardly, polished professional, running to the event after event, from one location to another, like temples, Consulate Office, Community festivals and community mega events like “Vibrant Gujrat and BJPWorld Hindu Congress”.

He is survived by his wife Shobhana and sons Suril and Ravish. As per the Hindu religious ritual, his body was cremated on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 [12 noon] Vipul has left lasting memory in our heart.

Special messages from Shobhana Patel;

Our hear felt and thanks to all the people who attended funeral services as well as others for their prayers and who sent us massages on social media, e-mail, Text and WhatsApp

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