Dr. Suresh Reddy Assumes Office as President of AAPI During Convention in Atlanta

New Executive Team under Dr. Reddy: Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, President-Elect of AAPI; Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Vice President; Dr. Vijay Kolli, Secretary; Dr. Raj Bhayani, Treasurer of AAPI
New Executive Team under Dr. Reddy: Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, President-Elect of AAPI; Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Vice President; Dr. Vijay Kolli, Secretary; Dr. Raj Bhayani, Treasurer of AAPI

CMEs, Women’s Forum, CEO Forum, Obesity Awareness Walk,  Entertainment, Mehfil, Research Contest, Spiritual & Political Discourses, Fashion Parade, Speech Contests, AAPI Has Got Talent, Networking, Fellowship, Honoring of Past Presidents & BOTs  Were Highlights of the Convention

(Atlanta, GA. July 7, 2019):  Dr. Suresh Reddy, a young and dynamic Neuro-Interventional Radiologist by profession, assumed charge as the 36th President of the President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) for the year 2019-20, at the 37th annual convention in Atlanta, GA on July 6th, 2019.
“I promise to align all the energies to make AAPI an enormous force,” Dr. Suresh Reddy declared immediately after assuming charge of the largest ethnic medical association in the country. As the curtains drew at the fabulous and world famous Omni Atlanta at CNN Center and Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, the over 2,000 delegates from across the nation cheered and wished him well in his new role, leading the dynamic and vibrant organization.
Dr. Vinod Shah, former President of AAPI, administered the transfer of office at the solemn celebration, while the audience gave a rousing applause to the new leader of AAPI.

Dr. Reddy received the Gavel from Dr. Naresh Parikh, the outgoing President of AAPI at the final day of the Convention at the Famous Georgia World Congress Center. Dr. Suresh Reddy has a Team with Dr. Seema Arora, who will serve as the Chair of BOT; Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, President-Elect of AAPI; Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Vice President;  Dr. Vijay Kolli, Secretary; Dr. Raj Bhayani, Treasurer of AAPI;  Dr. Stella Gandhi, President of Young Physician section;  and, Dr. Anubhav Jain, President of Medical student and Resident section.

In his farewell address, Dr. Parikh enumerated his several achievements, especially his “efforts and success in enabling AAPI financially sound, cleaning up of AAPI’s Voters List, obtaining and using $9 Million from USAID to eradicate TB from several cities of India; Bringing local Chapters of AAPI and national AAPI closer and bonding through the 10 City Jai HO Musical Tour by Sukhvinder Singh have been some among the many successful initiatives under Dr. Parikh.”
“I am honored to be serving with such an enthusiastic and cohesive group of physicians,” Dr. Suresh Reddy, the soft spoken and unassuming young leader of AAPI, said. In his capacity as the President of the largest ethnic organization of physicians in the United States, Dr. Reddy is committed to take the more than three decades old organization to the new heights and “bring all the AAPI Chapters, Regions, Members of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees to work cohesively and unitedly for the success of AAPI and the realization of its noble mission.”
“At the outset I would like to immensely thank you for electing me with landslide majority in my last three elections. I feel honored to take charge as the President of AAPI. “As I have promised you that, we will bring increased dignity, decency, professionalism and eliteness into the organization, and thus elevate the already existing stand.” Among the goals Dr. Reddy has set before him as he takes on the leadership of AAPI is to: “Make AAPI financially robust and increase our endowments enormously so we can focus on our mission of  E, M, R (education, mentoring, research) and service.”
The four-days long annual event was packed with activities, celebrating the success story of Indian American Physicians and the fast growing Indian American community at large, offering an intimate setting that facilitated sharing of knowledge about cutting-edge research through CMEs, promotimg personal, professional and business relationships, and displaying ethnic items, and an array of ethnic cuisine that was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all.
The convention is filled with CMEs, Women’s Forum, CEO Forum, Obesity Awareness Walk,  Entertainment, Mehfil, Research Contest, Spiritual & Political Discourses, Fashion Parade, Speech Contests, AAPI Has Got Talent, Networking, Fellowship, Honoring of Past Presidents & BOTs  and thus was a treat for all, satisfying to the needs and tastes of everyone.
Shri Sadhguru, recognized around the world for his pioneering efforts to nurture global harmony, inaugurated the convention with his wisdom filled spiritual discourse on July 4th. In his keynote address, Sadhguru said, “The moment we learn to see things as they are, we will be peaceful. No one can make me happy or angry. I do it to myself by choice. You need to treat the lifestyle illness. What happens within you is your choice 100 percent.”
Patricia Harris, MD, President American Medical Association, referred to some the key initiatives AMA is pursuing in recent years. She spoke about AMA’s three strategic areas: attacking the dysfunction in health care by removing obstacles and burdens that interfere with patient care; driving the future of medicine by reimagining medical education, training and lifelong learning for future generation of Physicians, and by promoting innovation to tackle the biggest challenges in health care; and leading the charge to confront the chronic disease crisis and improve the health of the nation. Pointing to the immense contributions of Indian American Doctors, she said, “We value your contributions in healthcare. AMA is your partner and ally in patient care. We all need to work together to address the healthcare needs of the nation.”
On July 3rd, Georgia Chapter of AAPI hosted the inaugural dinner event with gala, recognition of various individuals who had worked hard to put together the convention and mesmerizing cultural events by local artists. In his address, Dr. Sreeni Gangasani acknowledged the efforts of the local committees that made the events spectacularly successful. “The convention team has been working incredibly hard to provide a delightful 4 days of events packed with educational CME credits, world-class entertainment, leadership seminars, networking opportunities, exhibits, and more,” Dr. Gangasani added. “Without their hard work, dedication, talents, skills and generosity, this mega event would not have been a success, I want to thank each one of them personally and on behalf of national AAPI for their dedication.”
In her address, Consul General of India in Atlanta, Dr. Swati Vijay Kulkarni, praised the many contributions of AAPI members in the United States and back home in India. “You have excelled in your fields of medicine, and thus make significant contributions through hard work, commitment and dedication to your profession and the people you are committed to serve,” she said.
Rep. Raja Krishnamurthy praised the achievments of the Indian American community and the Doctors, who are the role models for the rest of America. He urged AAPI leaders to take active role in local and national politics, in order to be able to shape the destiny of the nation.
The crowd cheered loudly as Shankar Mahadevan performed before a packed audience, not disappointing the audience even a single moment of their more than three hours long non-stop songs and music.
An Obesity Awareness Walk led by Dr. Uma Koduri and other AAPI leaders at the famous Centennial Park in Atlanta drew .hundreds of Doctors and their family members as they walked around the Park wearing Yellow T Shirts proclaiming to the world the need to create awareness on healthy lifestyle.
At the Executive Committee Luncheon members of the powerful and dynamic body were honored. Senior Advisors to the Team led by Dr. Parikh, including S. Purohit, Past BOT Chair, Vinod Shah, Dr. Narendra Kumar, and Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, all Senior AAPI Leaders and AAPI Presidents, were honored.
At the Luncheon Gala hosted by AAPI’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Ajith Kothari provided an updater on the efforts of BOT under his leadership in strengthening AAPI. Dr. Seema Arora, the incoming BOT Chair assumed charge at the event and stated of her commitment to continue to strengthen AAPI and work with the Team to make AAPI financially sound and responsive to the needs of larger AAPI Body.
Also, for the first time, all past AAPI Presidents and past BOT Chairs were recognized and honored with a decorative shawl for their able leadership and continued guidance of AAPI. AAPI honored its members for their achievements.Most Distinguished Physicians Awards were given to Drs. Sanjeev Gupta; Ramesh Vandal; and Enas Enas. Distinguished Service Award was bestowed on Dr. Sanat Gandhi. The Young Physician Award went to Dr. Rupesh Raina & Dr. Sandeep Bagla, while the Most Distinguished Medical Student/Fellow Award was giventn to Dr. Radhika Chimera.
AAPI has got Talent and Mehfil, led by Dr. Amit Chakraborthy and Dr. Hemant Dhingra kept the audience enchanted every night often until early hours of every morning, where AAPI members showcased their talents and skills and art and music spontaneously before their peers. Yoga sessions in the mornings, Speech contests and the Fashion Show Archana Kochchar wer some of the other events that were much appreciated by the delegates.
Golf with Cricketer Kapil Dev and his keynote address at the final gala and special address by Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover and signing of the books by the tow legends and donating their sale of books to AAPI and its Charitable Foundation were other highlights of the convention.
The Women’s Forum, chaired by Dr. Asha Parikh & Dr. Udaya Shivangi, had Bollywwood actor Preity Zinta,  Archana kochar. International designer, who promotes India and Indian-ness through fashion. Consul General of India in Atlanta, Ambassador Swati Kulkarni; Aparna Bhattacharya. Executive Director of Raksha, who has won awards for her relentless community service; Malini Moorthy, Vice President of Medtroics, and Dr. Ila Shah, a Physician and AAPI Leader.
In her welcome remarks, Dr. Asha Parikh said, “The Women’s Forum is where successful and powerful women come and share their life’s dreams, challenges and this empower and inspire other women. Today’s Forum is about how career changes by women affect t them and the larger society.” In her keynote address, Preity Zinta said, “Women have come to be successful and they have to be working really hard.” She stressed on the need for equal wages. Respecting women and have them walk shoulder to shoulder with men is the biggest challenge, she said.
The 37th annual AAPI Convention, while providing physicians of Indian origin an opportunity to come together in an atmosphere of collegiality, has enabled them to retrace and appreciate their common roots, culture and the bond that unites them as members of this large professional community.  Giving them a platform to celebrate their accomplishments, the annual convention to be attended by nearly 2,000 physicians of Indian origin, it also provided a forum to renew their professional commitment through continuing medical educations activities.
AAPI organization is a dynamic body, spearheading legislative agendas and influencing the advancement of medical care not only in the US, but internationally. AAPI’s impact is seen in areas such as advocating for the increasing physician work force, participating in national health initiatives such as obesity prevention, and investing in global health education. Whether practicing in medically underserved areas such as inner cities and rural communities or participating in cutting edge research & academics, Indian physicians form an impressive group.
Almost 10%-12% of medical students entering US schools are of Indian origin. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, AAPI represents the interests of over nearly 100,000 physicians, medical students and residents of Indian heritage in the United States. It is the largest ethnic medical organization in the nation.
Among his several priorities, Dr. Reddy assured that collaboration and cooperation is essential among AAPI leadership that all members of the lead team speak and act in one voice. “I promise you that I will work closely with the next two confirmed presidents so we can start strategic planning on multiple projects,” Dr. Reddy says. This will ensure continuity and smooth transition of programs and initiatives from current President to next.
For more details and registration for the convention, please visit:  www.aapiconvention.org and www.aapiusa.org

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