AAPI: AUA “Undoubtedly the Finest” International Medical School

AAPI: AUA “Undoubtedly the Finest” International Medical School

India, like many countries around the globe, is facing a crisis in the field of medicine. According to reports, the country is facing a shortfall of approximately 600,000 physicians. That’s a ratio of one government doctor for every 10,189 people—a far cry from the World Health Organization’s recommended ratio of 1:1,000.

The need for qualified physicians may never have been greater, and American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine—the only international medical school granted “preferred” status by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)—is proud to play a part in helping solve this shortage, both in India and abroad. Approximately 42 percent of AUA’s students are Indian-Americans or of Indian descent, according to institutional records.

“Out of the international medical schools I have reviewed, AUA’s program is undoubtedly the finest,” said past AAPI President Dr. Narendra R. Kumar. “I am proud to bestow our highest honour upon this institution.” This prestigious designation was granted after an intensive review of the university’s facilities, curriculum, faculty, and graduate outcomes.

AUA was founded in 2004 to address the coming physician shortage and to help under-represented minorities obtain a medical education and become licenced physicians. In partnership with the AAPI, AUA has established the Scholarship for Students of Indian Descent—a financial award granted to students of Indian descent to help offset the costs of a high-quality medical education.

“AAPI has united Indian-American physicians with a common goal – to foster a better healthcare system around the world,” said AUA President Neal Simon. “We are honored to have this coveted distinction associated with our university.”

In addition, AUA has a unique relationship with Manipal University. High school graduates can begin their medical education at Manipal via a premedical program, followed by two years of Basic Sciences at AUA and two years of clinical rotations, in the U.S., India, and Canada.

This year, AUA alumni attained residencies in specialties such as neurology, pathology, and anesthesiology, in addition to primary care disciplines like internal medicine, paediatrics, and family medicine. In 2018, 91 percent of first-time eligible graduates secured a residency position—one of the strongest residency attainment rates in AUA’s history. The Class of 2019 joins a growing alumni network of 2,600+ graduates worldwide.

About American University of Antigua College of Medicine

American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine is a fully accredited international medical school dedicated to providing an academic experience of the highest quality. Via a holistic admissions approach, AUA selects students with the potential for medical school success and provides them with the resources they need to earn highly competitive residencies and move on to successful careers in medicine.

AUA awards the Doctor of Medicine degree after students complete a two-year Basic Science curriculum on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean, followed by clinical rotations in the United States, Canada, India, or the United Kingdom at affiliated teaching hospitals.

Visit https://www.auamed.org to learn more.

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