National Council of Asian Indian Associations (NCAIA) Chicago Inaugural Programe

National Council of Asian Indian Associations (NCAIA) Chicago Inaugural Programe
Naperville, IL: On June 8, 2019 the National Council of Asian Indian Associations, Inc. (NCAIA) Chicago Chapter held its inaugural program to bring together over 45 active Indian American Community Service Organizations under one roof at the Northern Illinois University Campus in Naperville, Illinois. In the program 23 Organizations shared their mission and key accomplishments from various sectors such as Healthcare, Senior Welfare, Water & Environment, Education, Multiple Services, Peace Initiatives & International Relations, and Special Services benefiting millions of people in both US and India.
Indian Consul General, Hon. Shri Sudhakar Dalela, was the Chief Guest and Congressman from the 8th District of Illinois, Hon. Raja Krishnamoorthi, was the Guest of Honor at the program. The Program was sponsored by the Dean, College of Business of Northern Illinois University, Dr. Balaji Rajagopalan. There were around 180 people in attendance including youth. The Organizing Committee members included Harish Kolasani, Dr. Paul Prabhaker, and Dr. Manu Vora.
The National President of NCAIA Mr. Harish Kolasani spoke about NCAIA’s history and played a video of National board members from Washington D.C. they explained the mission and vision of their prestigious organization who hosted the community programs including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many Central Ministers and the Indian Ambassadors while working closely with the Indian Embassy as an Umbrella Organization based in Washington D.C. Now, Harish Kolasani’s focused mission is to empower Indian community by promoting the effective community organizations, community leaders and any Indian-American who made or are making positive impact in the community.
Consul General Dalela mentioned about his experience with NCAIA in Washington D.C. and his connection with the Chairman Dr. Har Swarup Singh who was a former Indian Ambassador and congratulated the newly elected President Mr. Harish Kolasani. He also appreciated Harish Kolasani for the step he took to promote the organizations who are directly serving Indian community which will create motivation to all organizations to give effective services and also educate the community with the available free services from Indian organizations.
 Raja Krishnamurthy in his statement praised NCAIA for bringing 47 organizations and the vibrant audience under one roof.
After the presentations session, Consul General Dalela praised NCAIA team for conducting this effective program by creating the awareness of the important services rendered by Indian organizations which is very well received by all the community leaders.
Harish Kolasani thanked Dr Manu Vora for working behind the scene and conducting the program very professionally. Also, the NCAIA team and the community leaders who presented their work have sincerely thanked all the media supported this program with great photography and videography without any charge by showing their support to the community.

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