Amruta Fadnavis, First Lady of Maharashtra, is Lead Singer with Bollywood Singer Sukhwinder Singh at AAPI’s 10-City Jai Ho Musical Dhamaka

Amruta Fadnavis, First Lady of Maharashtra, is Lead Singer with Bollywood Singer Sukhwinder Singh at AAPI’s 10-City Jai Ho Musical Dhamaka

Amruta Fadnavis, a trained classical singer, a social activist, a banker, and the First Lady of the state of Maharashtra, will be the lead singer along with award winning Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh at the Ten-City Jai Ho Musical Dhamaka this spring, performing in Ten Cities around the United States.

After mesmerizing musical lovers all across the world with his enchanting voice, Sukhwinder Singh, a top Bollywood singer, accompanied by Amruta Fadnavis, is now on yet another tour across North America.

Organized by American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), the proceeds from the 10-city musical tour will support some of the noble initiatives of AAPI, says Dr. Naresh Parikh, President of AAPI. “We are requesting all AAPI members, all doctors of Indian origin, all south Asians to rally and support this amazing opportunity of the 10-city musical tour to promote awareness and raise funds for supporting the many programs to address the rapidly growing problem of cardiovascular diseases in south Asians and minorities living in the United States and Lymphoma & Leukemia in India.”

Coupled with three honorable causes addressing cardiovascular disease, lymphoma and leukemia, this is truly a worthy and honorable effort that enhances AAPI’s commitment to major health issues and its strong support to eradicate them, Dr. Parikh added.

Amruta Fadnavis, married to the 18th Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, is the youngest First Lady in the history of Maharashtra. Currently she serves as the Vice President – Transaction Banking with Axis Bank.

The beautiful and talented young artist has represented India at the National Prayer Breakfast – 2017, an International peace initiative presided over by US President Donald Trump. She has perfectly blended her life as a working woman and a socialite to nurture her interests and passions. She chose to have her own individuality rather than wrapped herself under the covers of first lady of Maharashtra and which is definitely an inspiration for many women today.

A major objective of this program is to bring together various local Chapters, says Dr. Parikh.  National coordinators of the program, Drs. Narendra Kumar. Hemant Dhingra, Raj Bhayani. Amit Chkrabarty, Anjana Samadder, and Gautam Samaddar, as well as and the entire AAPI team and leadership enthusiastically received this idea and the net result of our collaboration and dialogue is the 10-city grand mega concert, he added.

With the whole hearted support and enthusiastic responses from senior leadership and several past Presidents and leaders and members of AAPI, this mega event across the nation is going to bring AAPI and its members closer, Dr. Parikh says. “I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Narendra Kumar, Dr. Sanku Rao, Dr. Vinod Shah, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, Dr. Ajay Lodha, Dr. Jayesh Shah, and Dr. Vijay Koli, all past Presidents of AAPI for their senior advisory role in making this mega event a grand success.”

Describing the process leading to the Tour, Dr. Suresh Reddy, President-Elect of AAPI, recalls, “Realizing that it takes a lot of coordination and tremendous effort, we were successful in involving dozens of AAPI office-bearers of various Chapters and Executive Committee members. Each of them is committed to work hard, coordinate with the local leadership, while committing to have the funds raised would be given to AAPI, the local Chapters, and the many philanthropic endeavors organized by AAPI and its Charitable Foundation.”

The spectacular musical program combined with educational and networking opportunities for AAPI members, supporters and sponsors, is being organized with the objective of bringing CME and non-CME sponsored medical lectures, exhibits, Gala Dinner, community outreach talks and lively musical nite in each of the 10 cities across the country.

The 10 city musical and educational tour will debut on Friday, May 10th in Tampa, Fl; and will be followed by Atlanta on May 11th and in Washington DC on May 12th. Sukhvinder and his team will perform in Charlotte, NC on May 17th, in New Jersey on May 18th and in Dallas, TX on May 19th. In the final weekend, the popular artists will begin the tour in Milwaukee, WI on May 24th, in Columbus, Ohio May 25th in Columbus, Ohio; in Hollywood City, Los Angeles on May 26th; and, the grand finale will be in Fresno, CA on May 27th, 2019.

“Following the past successes of multi-city musical tours organized by AAPI, I am inspired by the concept and how such events have helped in strengthening the relationship between the AAPI Chapters and national office, in addition to help raise funds for the many noble programs for AAPI and the local Chapters” says Dr. Narendra Kumar, past President of AAPI.

Dr. Hemant Dhingra, Entertainment Chair of AAPI provided a detailed description of the planned 10-City Tour by popular Bollywood star, Sukhvinder, which is a way to raise funds for AAPI and its many local Chapters. Dr. Dhingra, who has close relationship with the Entertainment Industry, worked with Sukhwinder Singh and team to put together the mega event.

Anwar Feroz Siddiqi, Chief Strategy Adviser says,, “We are now poised to take our commitment to newer heights, the 10-City Musical Tour by world renowned Bollywood artist Sukwinder accompanied by an icon of women leadership, the first lady of Maharashtra. The presence of Ms. Amruta Fadnavis is a very well-known personality, a great singer and an amazing community leader that continues to pursue her career with her spouse being in the most powerful office in Maharashtra, is a true demonstration of great leadership and commitment for AAPI and its noble causes.”

Sukhwinder Singh, an internationally recognized Bollywood playback artist, best known for singing “Chaiyya,” for which he won the Best Male Playback Award at the 1999 Filmfare Awards, in association with composer A.R. Rahman has resulted in numerous hit songs. The list includes Chaiyya from Dil Se, Ramta Jogi, Ni Main Samajh Gayee, Taal Se Taal Mila and Nahin Samne from Taal, Ruth Aa Gayee Re, Raat Ki Daldal Hain and Yeh Jo Zindagi Hain from Earth, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai from Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Aayo Re Sakhi, Bhangari Morori and Piya Ho from Water, Chinnamma Chilakkamma from Meenaxi, Thok De Killi from Raavan and the most popular Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.

The song “Jai Ho”, sung by Singh, composed by A.R. Rahman and written by Gulzar, was nominated as a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Song and won an Oscar Academy Award for Best Original Song. It also won the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media in 2010.

Amruta Fadnavis was born, as Amruta Ranade on April 9th, 1979 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, to Dr. Sharad Ranade, an Ophthalmologist and Dr. Charulata Ranade, a Gynaecologist. She grew up in a household where education and independence for women was essential. She initially studied at St. Joseph Convent School, Nagpur. She graduated from G.S. College of Commerce and Economics. Later she pursued MBA in finance and studied taxation laws from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. Along with studies she also participated in sports and an excellent sports person. She was a state level under 16 tennis player.

“Entertainment was only just one component of the entire program,” Dr. Parikh adds. “The idea is to put together mini seminars, networking and strengthening the relationship between members and the national office. “Due to popular demand from several physicians on the need for enhancing scientific component at AAPI meetings and allowing greater number of members to participate, AAPI is now organizing the 13-city programs to make it easy for physicians to participate locally avoiding extensive travel and time away from practice,” he explains.

“Many of our industry partners liked this concept where they could get prime time with a few hundred doctors in each location for product promotion/theater, non CME lectures, exhibits, booths,” Dr. Narendra Kumar, national coordinator of the event, says. “These multi-city mini-seminars are a novel concept for education and recreation that will raise funds for the local chapters of AAPI, the national AAPI and the AAPI Charitable Foundation.”

The Seminars, CMEs, and workshops will be led by accomplished faculty of leading Physicians, Industry Leaders, Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Surgeons and Psychiatrists.  Each of the nine medical educational programs is expected to have an audience of 250-400 Physicians, which will be followed by an annual gala event and entertainment with an expected 2,500+ audience at each location.

Dr. Parikh promises to “make the musical tour both transparent and successful, and we hope it becomes an annual event. Many of our industry partners have also shown great interest in this concept, where they can receive prime time with a few hundred doctors for product promotion, theater, non-CME lectures, exhibits and booths. Because of this, we hope to have a significant number of national sponsors for this program.”

This extensive Musical/Educational Tour program put together by Dr. Parikh and his Team is a step towards reaching the message of AAPI across the globe and help AAPI realize its noble mission. “I am calling on all AAPI members, all doctors of Indian origin, all South Asians to rally and support an amazing opportunity of the 10-city musical tour to promote awareness and raise funds for supporting essential programs to address the rapidly growing problem of cardiovascular diseases in South Asians and minorities living in the United States and Lymphoma & Leukemia in India.”  For more details on the Musical Tour and for sponsorship opportunities, please visit: http://www.aapiusa.org

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