Mayor Steve Chirico committed to making Naperville a Model City

Naperville IL: Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico, running for re-election, kick-started his campaign on Thursday, January 24th at Features Bar and Grill.  In addition to free admission, attendees enjoyed cocktails, appetizers and speeches from elected officials and community leaders. The strong support of his campaign co-chairs, Pam Davis, Kristin Fitzgerald, Scott Wehrli and John Zediker combined with the enthusiasm of the diverse Host Committee drew a crowd of more than 400 residents and supporters.

In his inspiring address, Chirico stated that during his 3.5 years as Mayor of Naperville he conceptualized and executed strategic initiatives to ensure that Naperville thrives as a vibrant business hub, a role model for neighbourhood safety and a destination for quality education.

Chirico spoke at length about the quality school districts, spacious parks, great restaurants, citizen-friendly property taxes, responsible fiscal policy, strong local economy, progressive police department, competent fire department and significant efforts toward pro-environmental sustainability.

The Mayor also highlighted the Connect for Life Program – a great community resource. Chirico shared that with the Connect for Life program, Naperville Police are able to help those with prescription drug addiction. “There will be no arrests and no charges. The police department is not about arresting people or giving tickets in this situation…they are there to help, educate and share resources,” he added.

Chirico assured that in his second term as Mayor, he will continue his work to diversify the tax base through economic development initiatives and will focus on next steps to ensure Naperville can retain our senior population and attract young professionals.

  “Mayor Steve Chirico is easily accessible, business-friendly, and, above all, he a friend of our community. He will, therefore, be an asset as the Naperville Mayor”, said one of the community leaders.

“Naperville’s heritage has helped shape the values of our community and Steve firmly believes in the same values. He, therefore, will lead us into the next generation of prosperity”, stated by one of the Naperville resident.

“The worth-emulating and multifaceted development of Naperville, under the enlightened leadership of Steve Chirico as the mayor, is a sure guarantee of his success in his second term too”—opined a large number of his die-hard supporters belonging to different walks of life from the Naperville community.

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