Want to live upto 150 years for the price of coffee?

For humans, death in old age has always been life’s great punchline. It takes 70 or 80 years to get really good at the whole business of being alive, and no sooner does that happen than mortality begins looking your way, tapping its watch and discreetly reminding you that there’s a line waiting for your table, a report by TIME magazine has said.
It’s the job of aging—and the multiple diseases that accompany it—to make sure we eventually get out of the way, an unhappy fact humans have been battling practically as long as we’ve been around. But some experts argue that aggressively treating the age-related diseases—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia—instead of aging itself has been a mistake.
Creaking knees, wrinkles, and a step closer to death every day – age is no friend of the human body. Even if not reversed, an extraordinary new anti-ageing technique promises to slow down the process – it can see humans live to 150-years-old and allow them to regrow their organs by 2020.
A  new technique involves the molecule Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which is believed to be capable of generating energy in the human body and enabling you to live longer.
Harvard Professor David Sinclair and researchers from the University of New South Wales developed a new process to slow down ageing. The technique, which involves reprogramming cells, can not only allow people to regenerate their organs but also allow paralysis sufferers to move again, with human trials due within two years.
It was found in the same research that the lifespan of mice could be increased by ten percent by giving them a vitamin B derivative pill. In what is both good news and groundbreaking, it also observed that the pill led to a reduction in age-related hair loss.
The science behind the new technique involves the molecule Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which is believed to be capable of generating energy in the human body. The chemical is already used as a supplement for treating Parkinson’s disease and fighting jet lag.
Professor Sinclair, who is using his own molecule to reduce the ageing process, said that his biological age has reduced by 24 years after taking the pill. His father, 79, has taken to adventure sports such as white water rafting and backpacking after he started using the molecule a year-and-a-half back. In case you are not convinced of this age-defying miracle yet, his sister-in-law gained her fertility back after taking the treatment, despite having started to transition into menopause in her 40s, according to Professor Sinclair.
Regarding the availability of the pill to the general public and its cost, it is expected to be available to the public within five years and cost the same each day as a cup of coffee.
However, Dr. Sinclair warned people not to try to reverse the aging process before the research paper has been published or peer-reviewed.

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