International Indian ICON (3iii) Season II Grand Finale Creates Waves Across The Globe

International Indian ICON (3iii) Season II Grand Finale Creates Waves Across The Globe

Chicago, IL: Gee Vision in association with Zee TV declared Season II International Indian ICONs during the grand finale held on November 24th at Redberri Convention Center, Sandwich IL. The winners were from a variety of category from almost all corners of the world. 3iii Season-II reached its culmination with two grand events on November 23rd, 2018 and November 24th,2018. The grand Redberri Convention Center welcomed thousands of guests from all over the world. The celebrity judges from Bollywood, Choreographer Longinus Fernandes and Music Composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee along with Dance Judge Prachi Jaitly and Singing Judge Vaishali Dhande mentored over hundred participants.

The participants who contested for the title of International Indian Icon Season-I 2017 and Season II 2018 raised the bar with their immaculate technique and talent. While the first season was focused on America and Canada, Season-II had participants from UK, Europe, Canada and America for all categories.

International Indian Icon (3iii) has been taking over the world with its unique concept of first of its kind in any talent platform giving Indian overseas a much-needed platform to showcase their talent.

It is envisioned as the world’s 1st on-line/onsite grand Indian reality show narrative over five seasons culminating at the end of the 5th season. While the 1st season of 3iii was open to Talent across all residents of The United States of America and Canada in either of the three performance categories –Singing, Dance and Instruments, season II added five more categories and reached more countries.  It is a platform of immense possibilities for artists around the world to showcase their skills to be evaluated by a team of Gee Panel of judges consisting of highly qualified and celebrated individuals from the field of performing arts as well as celebrity judges in the advanced stages of the competition.

Gee Vision organized the official launch of International Indian Icon Season II in Feb this year at Ashyana Banquets in the presence of various distinguished comprising guests elected officials as well as community leaders. Season II Grand-finale had the honor of having various dignitaries to enjoy the cultural program.

Speaking about the event, Richard Olson, Mayor, City of Sandwich, IL welcomed International Indian Icon to Redberri Convention Center. He congratulated all the participants who are working hard to compete in this competition.

Olson mentions, “Gee Vision has introduced a unique platform for global talent who can showcase their art in front of the whole world. I assure my full support to this unique effort by Gee Vision and wholeheartedly send my warm wishes for a successful Season II. I also, look forward to Season III next year and send my best compliments to the entire International Indian Icon Team.”

3iii is envisioned as the world’s 1st on-line/on-site grand Indian realities show narrative over five seasons culminating at the end of the 5th season.

“The unique positioning of 3iii has proved to be the main focus of its success: no other platform in India or in the expat community has been designed to showcase talents amongst all forms of talent on a single stage.  Indian Americans, Canadians, Caribbean, European live in that part of the world where the industry of entertainment thrives unlike any around the globe”, said Sharan Walia, CEO of Gee Vision Inc.

The entire core team congratulated all the winners and invited everyone to join them in Season III.

The beauty of the concept lies in NO restrictions at all. Anyone can participate from the declared countries. No age restriction. No language or any format restriction, anyone can play any type of instrument to take part in the competition. If any one likes Indian singing, dance or any instrument and have valid ID of the country they are living in, can participate in 3iii competition.

Gee Vision & Zee witnessed huge crowd for Grand-finale which will be aired on Zee TV. Sharan Walia along with his Core team Phani Krishna, Naveen Karna, Naresh Shastri and Prachi Jaitly and 3iii advisory board thanked everyone who attended the grand events and encouraged Indian talent all over the world so that no talent is left behind to make use of this amazing opportunity of showcasing his/her talent to the world through 3iii to achieve dreams of their choice. The online and on-site talent show has won millions of hearts across the globe and we look forward to seeing its journey in the coming seasons.

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