Indian Overseas Congress, USA, New Jersey Chapter, celebrates Congress victory in States.

As the results of the state elections in India poured in, the New Jersey Chapter of the Indian Overseas Congress Party sprung into its victory celebration at the Royal Albert Palace on Friday Dec.14, 2018.Mr. Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General of Indian Overseas Congress, USA hailed the crowd of over 100 celebrants and cheered on the Congress Party  leader Shri Rahul Gandhi ji and paid a glowing tribute to the Chairman of the Overseas Congress Department of AICC Mr. Sam Pitroda, the Secretary of Indian Overseas Department,  Himanshu Viyas ji as well as Madhu Yaskhiji, Ex.MP.for their great leadership.  He thanked everyone for their phenomenal work which had yielded the positive results.

George Abraham, Vice Chairman of IOC, USA congratulated everyone and thanked them for their efforts and especially the ones who have gone to India and campaigned for the party.  He urged everyone to keep up their good work and encouraged them to work harder for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.  He drew attention to the fact that the thin margin of victory in two states called for even greater vigilance and renewed double efforts.

Viru Patel, a prominent local elected official and Mr. Rajeshwar Reddy, a local leader, both of whom are also staunch Congress party leaders, also expressed their sincere appreciation to all the supporters.   They complimented the hard work of all the voters who by their positive vote has been able to address the growing dissatisfaction of the people.  Mr. Harkesh Thakur conveyed the regards of Mr. Ram Gadula who could not be present due to unavoidable circumstances. He and several other leaders who spoke,added that people were now convinced more than ever that only the Congress party under the leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi ji can lead Congress to victory and save India’s democracy in the upcoming election. The celebration was attended by other prominent leaders Mahesh Patel, Bharath Pij Patel, Dr. Jay Patel, Anil Patel, Ramakant Patel. Bharat Rana and  many others. Thanks to media TV Asia H.R Shah, coverage by cameraman Madan.

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