Gujarat Cultural Association, Chicago, Celebrated Festival of Lights, with colorful Traditional fashion

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Chicago IL: Gujarat Cultural Association, Chicago (GCA) hosted Diwali Celebrations, accompanied by an Musical Melodies Group by Raju Bankapur and his Group that attracted a large number of family’s friends, and community figures of the city, on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at The Meadows Club, 2950 W. Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL. The program was highly successful with the active support of the Sponsors, Executive Board, GCA Members and Volunteers.

Gujarat Cultural Association was established by brain child and founding member Mr. Shankarbhai Patel, Lalubhai Patel, Babubhai Patel and others in 1973. Gujarat Cultural Association is a First and Largest Gujarati Association in Chicago Metropolitan Area.

 The Program start with Mrs. Amisha Patel welcoming everyone, including Banquet Chair Mr. Jyotendra Patel and GCA, Chairman Kanti S. Patel. Event commenced with the traditional lighting lamp ceremony was performed by Chief Guest, Dr. Rasmi Patel and Guest of Honor Mr. J.B. Bhatti, Consul, from Indian Consulate Office, Kanti S. Patel and his wife Jyoti Patel, Jyotendra Patel and his wife Geeta Patel and other dignitaries.

MC was “Evergreen” Mrs. Amisha Patel & Hetal Patel. Amisha Patel invited Kanti Patel, Chairman of GCA and Chief Guest on Stage Dr. Rasmi Patel. Mr. Kanti Patel introduces Chief Guest, Dr. Rasmi Patel.

Dr. Patel thanked Gujarat Cultural Association for tireless work by its member, especially Kanti Patel. Amisha invited Guest of Honor Mr. D.B. Bhatti. Mr. Bhatti congratulated leadership and entrepreneurship of the community of diaspora from Gujarat and especially paid special tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who also hailed from Gujarat in India. Amisha Patel also invited on Stage Hon. Dorothy Brown, Clerk of Circuit Court, IL. Mr. Kanti Patel introduce Ms. Dorothy Brown. Brown said, I salute the Gujarat Cultural Association, Chicago during the Diwali observance. May this New Year be filled with joy and further progress for the betterment of all, as you celebrate the “Festival of Lights.”

Award Ceremony followed and were given to outstanding community leaders as follows,

  • Distinguished Banker of the year Award:  Mr. Moti Agarwal
  • Outstanding Accountant Award:  Mr. Anil Shah
  • Distinguished Community Leadership Award:  Dr. Anuja Gupta
  • Women of the Year Award:  Mrs. Rita Shah

Other prominent leaders, Community Members and Distinguished Businessman fellows were recognized on the stage by Kanti Patel, Chairman of GCA and received a Bouquet of Flower. Included was Mr. Kalpesh Joshi of AAHOA Director of Upper Midwest, Mita Patel from Air India, Iftekhar Hasnat from MB Financial Bank, Ashok Punjabi of Chicago Imports, Pratap Gohil, CEO of Summit Construction, Sunil Shah from New York Life Ins., Ashok Shah of Senior Medicare Specialist, Mr. Gulzar Singh from Pan Oceanic Company.

Wishing everyone very happy, healthy and prosperous upcoming New Year, Kanti S. Patel concluded his speech by requesting everyone for their continued support co-operation and participation in future events. Among the invited dignitaries Hon. Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois, Hon. Jesse White, Secretary of Illinois State, Hon. Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Board President were not present in event however they send message to Gujarat Cultural Association.

Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois, in his massage said Thank you for your daily efforts in promoting the well-being of the community and the richness of Indian Culture here in the Land of Lincoln. As the Gujarat Cultural Association celebrates Diwali, it is also an exciting year across the State of Illinois as we commemorate our state’s 200th birthday.

Toni Preckwinkle, President of Cook County, in her massage said Gujarat Cultural Association has evolved to strengthen and unite the Gujarati Community through organized picnics, sports competition, musical events and collaboration with other national organizations.

Jesse White, Secretary of Illinois State, in his massage said each year GCA’s annual banquet, also known as the Hindu Festival of lights, brings community members together to celebrate Diwali tradition with a festive dinner and outstanding entertainment.

Gujarat Cultural Association also Celebrate 200th Birthday of State of Illinois

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