At Fall Governing Body Meet in Dallas, TX, Leaders Commit to Strengthen AAPI

At Fall Governing Body Meet in Dallas, TX, Leaders Commit to Strengthen AAPI

Nearly a hundred AAPI leaders, including current Executive Committee Members, Members of the Board of Trustees, past AAPI Presidents, leaders of AAPI local Chapters and Regions came together at the Embassy Suites of Hilton in Dallas, TX on November 16th to take stock of AAPI and plan and recommit themselves for a stronger and more unified and forward looking organization that is more responsive to the needs of the Indian American physicians and the large population of people they are committed to serve in the United States and back home in India.

The overall themes of the day were on the need and ways to enhance AAPI membership; strengthening national and local AAPI Chapters and Regions; providing a unified voice in the national and state Capitals to make AAPI’s voice heard and recognized; and building a stronger, vibrant, transparent and unified AAPI.

Dr. Naresh Parikh, President of AAPI, provided a brief report of his 4 months long Presidency of the largest ethnic medical organization in the US, and offered a vision for a stronger and greater AAPI. In his presidential address, Dr. Parikh stressed on: Open Communication between all bodies of AAPI and its members, through his weekly newsletter; Transparency in all aspects including finances; stronger membership drive, inviting and urging many more Physicians of Indian origin to join the group; A unified and stronger AAPI that represents all backgrounds, all areas and regions, providing representation to all groups of the large body that AAPI stands for; bridging the Generation Gap, and providing opportunity to new generation of AAPI leaders to lead the many initiatives; and for AAPI to maintain its status as a not for profit, while actively engaged in its role to be a unified voice on Capitol Hill and in the state legislatures.

At Fall Governing Body Meet in Dallas, TX, Leaders Commit to Strengthen AAPIDr. Parikh pointed to a great start under his leadership with a well-coordinated Executive Committee members, and having worked to purge the AAPI membership list to be accurate, and working to create a solid financial foundation for the organization through an establishment of AAPI Endowment Fund that is ever growing and sound.

Dr. Suresh Reddy, President-Elect of AAPI, who has served as the chairman AAPI Bylaws Revision Committee, consisting of 14 members, said, his team has worked tirelessly to make the laws more relevant to the changing and growing needs of AAPI. He presented to the Body the new Bylaws of AAPI, which was unanimously adopted by the Governing Body. He stated that the same spirit of the original laws of AAPI have been maintained, while efforts have been made to strengthen bylaws in order to make AAPI stronger. Dr. Reddy, who will assume charge as the President of AAPI at the upcoming Convention in July invited members to join the  Antartica Cruise he and his team are planning for AAPI members in January 2020.

Dr. Vinod Shah, Chairman of the AAPI’s Legislative Committee, provided an update on the upcoming Legislative Day in April. “We will work with the Congress and Senate Leaders on the Hill to make our voices heard on the corridors of power,” he said, while urging AAPI members to attend at the event.

Dr. Jagan Ailinani, a past president and philanthropist addressed the delegates about the need to collaborate with the Tata Trust Foundation to address the financial and healthcare needs of the cancer patients in India and to work with the Tata Group to provide Pure Drinking Water to rural India. He urged AAPI to collaborate with Tata Foundation for Making Sustainable Difference in the lives of the people of India.

Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, Chairman of the AAPI GHS in Mumbai 2018 provided a description of the many unique events that are part of the Global Healthcare Summit in Mumbai, India from December 28th to 30th. The focus of the Summit will be an India-centric approach, with special events on: Research contest, CPR Training to first responders and teachers; CMEs; Entertainment; and Pre-Post GHS Tours to Goa, Kerala, and other exotic places in India, he said.

Conceived and developed by Mr. Anwar Feroz Siddiqi and building on the successful experiences of the past twelve years of CEO forum at the AAPI Global Health Summits, The 8th HealthCare CEO forum is proposed to be Jointly Chaired by Managing Director, Niti Ayog, DGHS and Secretary Health and invited Healthcare Leaders, Health Attache US Embassy Delhi, US FDA Country Head, India, Chief Executive Officers from Hospitals, Teaching Institutions, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Health Insurance and NGO’s.  Leaders from Indian Pharmaceutical Companies will discuss ways to ensure that lower cost and effective medicines with the highest quality continue to make India the world leader in this field. The forum will have a special discussion on successful implementation of  “AYUSHMAN BHARAT” – is a brainchild of the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, whose vision is to provide quality healthcare to India’s billion people – a project that is being watched intently across the Globe for emulation.

At Fall Governing Body Meet in Dallas, TX, Leaders Commit to Strengthen AAPIDr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, Vice-President, gave an update on his initiatives on enhancing the membership drive and to make known about the member benefits to the members of the 46 Chapters of AAPI across the nation. He urged each Chapter to help enrol a minimum of 20 new members.

In her address, Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, notified the AAPI delegates on the progress on CPR Guidelines for India. She urged AAPI to take a lead role in establishing and the implementation of this much needed cause. As Secretary of AAPI, she appealed to AAPI leaders to help towards the realization of the Million Dollar Endowment Fund for AAPI.

Dr. Anjana Samadder was inducted as the Treasurer of AAPI, and she shared with the AAPI leaders of her vision for a vibrant and financially sound AAPI. Dr. Hemant Dhingra, Entertainment Chair of AAPI provided a detailed description of the planned 9 City Tour by popular Bollywood star, Neha Kakar, which is  a way to raise funds for AAPI and its many local Chapters. The event will have its finale with Sonu Nigam joining the 60 member live artists in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Prachi Dua, President, MSRF and Dr. Praveen Arla, President, YPS, shared with the members about their efforts to enhance membership among Young Physicians using social media, and about the planned National Volunteers Day.

Dr. Narendra Kumar, past President of AAPI, served as the Speaker of the Governing Body meeting in Dallas. It was to the credit of the organizers that the meeting had several past Presidents and current and past BOT members and Chairs.

Coordinated and organized by Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Secretary of national AAPI and Dr. Anjana Samadder, Treasurer of national AAPI, Dr. Udaya Shivangi, past Chairwoman of AAPI’s Women’s Forum, the annual meeting was well attended, giving an opportunity for AAPI leaders to take stock of past year and plan to work effectively for the greater good of its members and for the well-being of the larger society.

The day-long event concluded with Dr. Naresh Parikh addressing the TIPS annual Gala and fund raiser for Breast Cancer awareness. The national AAPI delegates were special guests at the gala by one of the most active and largest Chapters of AAPI.

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