Pyrus & Ritvi teenager bringing joy to people in need

Pyrus & Ritvi teenager bringing joy to people in need

Chicago IL: Charitable donations and volunteering are the first things many people think of with regard to giving back to their communities. Giving back to your community is on most people’s to-do list, but it takes time and commitment. Ritvi Khurana from Burr Ridge ‘Pleasantdale Middle School’ in 7th grade and Pyrus kalra a junior from Conant high School in Schaumburg has donated over 150 toys and new clothes for the organization ‘Toy Box Connection’ running by Ms Michelle, a woman who has been voluntarily dedicated her precious time from last decade to bring smile for the people in need.

Pyrus & Ritvi also, volunteered helping hand there to sort the stuff according to age. Ritvi, was collecting her birthday gifts from past 4 years and never opened or used them. Her Mother is from India and provides helps to those living in underprivileged areas in India but when she asked Ritvi, to send toys to India. She said ‘Charity begins from home and Chicago is our home’ she said i gain two things, a joy from giving so many kids happiness with the toys and a greater respect for the things that I have. Her love for USA and her city is much appreciated.

Pyrus Kalra devotes community hours in other charities as well! Pyrus Kalra parents Karl Karla and Sonia Karla educate youngster that “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving and we make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”.

There is a world of children that do not have toys or books; with your help we can change that. Toy Box Connection (TBC) will be the connection between families and businesses that have new or used toys / books to donate then we will directly connect those toys / books to the children that need them. Our organization is the missing link in communities. We are simply the jumper cables connecting those that have with those that need. Our primary goal is to touch the life of a child through the gift of a toy/book as well as a day of fun every chance we get. Need has no season so we will connect toys, books, many other needed items as well as provide days of fun throughout the entire year.

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