Kurinji Blooms in Kerala after 12 years

Kurinji Blooms in Kerala after 12 years

Set to paint the hills and valleys of Munnar a stunning purple-blue, the Neelakurinji, the flower that blankets the hills once in 12 years, has started to bloom over the pristine hills of Rajamala, and the hills and valleys across the Eravikulam National Park. In a way, the rare flowering marks the blooming of hope for the tourism industry which is the doldrums, following the floods.

Munnar, the spectacular hill station in God’s Own Country, Kerala is all geared up to embrace travellers. Getting back on her feet after the flood, Munnar is now ready to receive tourists from across the world for the incredible Neelakurinji experience.

The hills of Munnar have started to adorn hues of romantic blue as Neelakurinji (Strobilanthes kunthianus), the once in a 12-year wonder, has begun its blooming.

Though the heavy Monsoons, delayed the flowering season, the meandering valleys and mist clad hills of Munnar have started to amaze one and all with its stunning purple.

The last time Neelakurinji adorned these hills was in the year 2006. This year the blooming has started from the first week of September and is expected to extend for a few months.

Besides this serene sea of blue, this dream destination invites you with several exciting and exclusive experiences of nature such as the Eravikulam National Park, Thekkady, Devikulam, Vattavada and a lot more.

According to R Lakshmi, wildlife warden, Eravikulam National Park, the damage from the floods is minimal and neelakurinji have started to bloom in several areas.

“Now in many parts of Kannan Devan hills, Neelakurinji plants have started to bloom after the rain has abated and the sun has come out. If the favourable weather continues, the valley will be in full bloom within ten days. The plants have started blooming in many parts of Rajamalai, Kanthalloor and Eravikulam national parks,” Lakshmi

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