IAPC hosts 5th international media conference in Atlanta

IAPC hosts 5th international media conference in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia: The Fifth annual International Media Conference,  organized by the Indo-American Press Club (IAPC) at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel, Georgia,  held from October 6th to 8th, 2018, featured seminars, workshops, entertainment, and panel discussions led by experts in various fields, and was attended by prominent leaders from the media world, business, and entertainment industry.

The Government of Kerala was in the process of revamping the flood relief program to make it more transparent, Kerala state Assembly Speaker P. Sreeramakrishnan, who was the chief guest, while speaking at the closing ceremony of the International Media Conference on Sunday night,told the delegates.

IAPC Chairman Dr. Babu Stephen assured that people of Indian origin were totally committed to helping the government of Kerala in its flood relief efforts. Ginsmon Zacharia, former chairman of IAPC, said that the organization represents and provides a forum for media professionals, including video editors, camera operators, photographers, and anchors. The closing ceremony commenced with the opening remarks by Vineetha Nair, Vice Chairperson, IAPC.

The IAPC Excellence Awards for the year 2018 were presented by Sreeramakrishnan to Dr. Jay N Sampat (Humanitarian Activities), P.P. Cherian (Media), Sunny Mattamana (Community Service), Rajan Cheeran (Arts & Media),  Thangamani Aravindan (Community Service). Veteran Atlanta journalist Mahadev Desai was specially recognized for his contributions to the media world.

IAPC Merit Scholarships were distributed to 30 outstanding students of Indian origin by Gracy Stephen, President of Stephen Foundation and Sarosh P. Abraham, Secretary of St. Maryʼs Educational and Cultural Society and Queen Maryʼs Educational Society. Prizes were also distrib‐ uted to the winners of the essay and photography competitions.
Attorney Onkar Sharma made a presentation on US Visas for foreign media-persons.

A session on changing Indian tax laws was con‐ ducted by Abu T. Mathew, Advocate, Kerala High Court, Ginsmon Zacharia and Attorney Morley J. Nair. Womenʼs Forum panelists were Patti Tripathi, E.M. Radha, Sangeeta Dua, and Roopsi Narula.
Noted cine artiste Sudheer Karamana presided the entertain‐ ment programs presented by the young talent from Atlanta.

Dr. Thomas Mathew Joys, Saji Dominic, James Koodal, George Kottarathil, Morley J. Nair, Korason Varghese, and Sudheer Karamana spoke at the writersʼ seminar. The seminar ʻContemporary Politics and the New Mediaʼ was presented by pro‐ fessors of Georgia State University, George and Salli Vargis, and facilitated by Anil Augustine.
A creative writing workshop for young children was conducted by The Young Leaders Academy (TYLA), coordinated by Anil Augustine.

The seminar ʻEthical Standards in Malayalam News Media – Past and Presentʼ, moderated by Innocent Ulahannan, featured G. Sekharan Nair, R. Ajith Kumar, Saji Dominic, Lalu Joseph, V.S. Rajesh, and P.M. Manoj.

Dr. Thomas Mathew Joys was honored for his outstanding con‐ tribution to IAPC since its incep‐ tion. George Kottarathil, John K. George, and Suresh Thomas were recognized for participating in all IAPC conferences. As were Atlanta chapter hosts of the event.

Community leaders Madhavan B. Nair, President of FOKANA, and Paul Karukappillil, former President of FOKANA, felicitated IAPC for its work in the media world. The closing ceremony was emceed by Biju Chacko, Mini Nair, Andrew Gins, and Kalyani Nair, culminating in a ghazal presenta‐ tion by Ali Bhai and Neera.

The Indo-American Press Club was formed in 2013 with lofty ideal of providing a common platform to journalists of Indian origin living in the United States, while fostering closer bonds and cooperation among an extensive network of journalists across the nation, who are committed to professionalism and have the well-being of the larger society, For more details, please visit: https://www.indoamericanpressclub.com/

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