Xoomatic Staffing Tool- Product Launched By ITConnectUS

ITConnectUS & Law Offices of Mary Kennedy held the ITServe Chicago monthly event at Hoffman Estates, IL. With over 200 prestigious businesses as attendees, the formal event was marked with cocktail and networking before presentations from the sponsors followed by dinner. The American IT consulting company, ITConnectUS releases their first of its kind web application, Xoomatic, an empowered staffing tool designed for customizable recruitment needs.

Xoomatic is an automated workflow management system for vendors, clients, recruiters and managers to handle the entire hiring process all in one easy to use platform. Xoomatic runs on your secured domain to build applicant databases for your organization, so you don’t have to.

Unlike traditional recruitment solutions portals, Xoomatic offers real time status updates for clients and applicants to find out the status of their application. It is designed to be concise and provide a simplistic interface behind a robust automated tool. With 24/7 technical support, Here at Xoomatic we will help automate your entire workflow.

Within Xoomatic’ s user experience we offer a Staffing Solution and Pre-screening Service All in one. Our Xoomatic’ s Prescreening services offer any organization the unique opportunity to received only verified, genuine candidate profiles, eliminating falsified and spam profiles.  These candidates can then be tracked and managed through the Pre-screening Module within the Xoomatic portal. The overall result is speed and accountability, increasing the probability by simplifying your pre-screening step of any organizations hiring process.

12 individual modules makeup the Xoomatic sphere, with their own specializations for account management, recruiting, pre-screening, vendor management, team leader, client, legal & finance, consultant and vendor submission module. A super admin module includes the ability to manage all other modules with admin level control, which is ideal for any size organization.

Xoomatic offers packages for every company size and offers the ability to customize your package to fit your exact company need.

ITConnectUS was established in 2016 with offices in Chicago (United States), Mohali and Bangalore (India) and Singapore. ITConnectUS’s latest tool Xoomatic is offered for a 14 days trial purposes absolutely free. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more explanation or a detailed demonstration. Visit us at www.xoomatic.com

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