Sivic launched to kill petition sites and change the way we resolve issues

Sivic launched to kill petition sites and change the way we resolve issues

The Sivic App was launched on August 30th 2018 at the Peninsula Hotel Chicago attended by an august gathering of diplomats, leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors and eminent members of the Indian-American diaspora including Chief Guest Consul General of India Neeta Bhushan.

 “The App that Kills Petitions” Sivic is a platform that addresses civic engagement and a disruptive alternative to a petition site. The technology allows people to instantaneously address issues or policies that matter to them with the relevant influencers- that consist of politicians and organizations. Over the years it has become prominent that the incumbent social media platforms have not been able to address civic engagement despite having the social structure and reach.

Instead petition sites have risen with an attempt to resolve civic engagement but offers a complicated & lengthy process to complete. It also does not provide any insight onto directly communicating with their influencers. People are still finding hard to contact their local US representatives and senators. Hence, the biggest obstacle for a common person to use a petition site is the lengthy plan required, from writing the description of your reasons, to then researching the appropriate influencers and lastly that it will not take effect until a threshold for a certain number of endorsement is reached.

Sivic is designed to solve this problem by providing an instantaneous and effective alternative. It offers an intuitive web app where you simply need to write a headline, select an issue category, tag an influencer whom we recommend based on your issue and location and lastly edit an auto-written script that’s created to best address your needs. We’ve simplified to clicking send to a matter of 3 minutes.

President, Faateh Sayeed, says “While many aspects of our lives have advanced and got simplified with technology, I believe our ‘civic lives’ are yet to reach a technological threshold. More and more people are now exploring newer opportunities to engage with the decision makers and connect with them actively. The interest of politics among the American people has surged. Now more than ever, we are interested in learning about our leaders and their vision. We need to factor the growing political consciousness of the masses and make an attempt to increase civic engagement in the country.”

CEO, Dilraj Rahal, added “Sivic is a product, a function, a platform that is made by the people and for the people. Our main purpose is not to empower people, as I strongly believe that as Americans we are already empowered, we are powerful because we care of all social issues and have been vocal about it. All we need is a platform that puts everyone at equal, one that would enable the common person to address an issue in an instantaneous and effective way.”

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