Cheated by the Maharashtra legal system, Harssh Madhok launches his campaign for justice

Harssh Madhok is a Manhattan based businessman and investor who has begun a mission to raise awareness of the injustices in India’s business practices. His journey began when his business fell prey to bureaucratic forces despite his best intentions to invest in India’s economy and help it flourish. Rather than give up, Madhok took action.

Multiple media outlets, community leaders, and local activists gathered on September 6th to hear Madhok.  Madhok shared his painful experience which he has shared prior with his friends and family repeatedly since his return to the United States. This was his first time sharing this in a public setting. In 2017, Mr. Madhok opened a state of the art Volkswagen showroom in Thane, Mumbai with the vision of opening 100 more over the next ten years creating over 20,000 jobs.

A vision inspired by Prime Minister Modi’s initiative, “Make In India”, urging Non-Resident Indians to invest in India. In his case, this pursuit turned ugly quickly as his business was illegally hijacked and he was denied access to his leased space.  Even worse, when he tried to seek justice and investigate the matter he was met with threats from his landlord, the police department, and local officials. His frustration reached the ceiling when he got no response or acknowledgement after repeated attempts to contact CM Fadnavis office.

Fighting threats and constant pushback, Madhok returned to the United States and after consideration has decided to stand up and fight for his rights.   Nonprofit Organizations and media outlets such as Asian Indian Chamber Of Commerce, Society & Diplomatic Review, Federation of India Associations (FIA), TV Asia, were at the event. Community leaders resonated with Madhok’s message that the Indian diaspora at large here cannot play bystanders and allow this injustice to occur. It has unfortunately become commonplace to allow corrupt officials to abuse the broken legal system while making our overseas diaspora their prey. Madhok is committed to further this movement and to stand up to push back and injustice he has faced. He is appealing to his community to stand behind him in ensuring justice prevails.

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