Redmond Fashion Week held

Redmond Fashion Week held

Redmond was able to host its inaugural Redmond Fashion Week (RFW) on August 05, 2018! With major support from Experience Redmond, Suley Era, and Ravishing women, RFW launched this historical event at the Seattle Marriott Redmond which is located at the heart of Redmond Town Center.

This event was graced with the presence of many brilliant designers both local and international, each one showcasing their art on stage with over 60 models and a multicultural array of splendor. The representation of global culture was easily spotted on the runway as designers presented clothes from across multiple continents. We were proud to host designers such as Lisa Mensonides, Vibhuti Malhotra, Joy Sircar McMillen, Joy Egbejimba, Vartika Mittal Garg, Chany Venturini, Parul Mathur Nag, Ritu Goyal Mongia, & Gustavo Apiti.

Attended by hundreds of guests as RFW unfold into reality and became a very successful event by great networks & connections to bring communities together . This event truly lifted Redmond onto the global arena of diverse and multicultural fashion! Flying in from across the US, Africa, India, Italy, and Canada, guests were greeted warmly as they joined in the celebrations as they also had the chance to connect with other audience members. Some such members included Tankia Padhey from the City of Redmond, Aisha Qadri from OneRedmond, Sony TV Celebrity actor Jagjit Athwal and many other exceptional movers and shakers including models, hair artists, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, sponsors, volunteers, and a lively DJ.

Rohit Verma was another designer who brought a celebrity show alongside his designs from Bollywood. Sophisticated and creative apparel exploded on the stage as Verma paid tribute to women of substance by hosting Ms. Wheelchair, Ms. Tourism World Priyanka Shah, Miss India USA Shree Saini, Ms. World Meghan Buelt, and many more community leaders as his runway models of choice. This was a perfect addition to RFW because this event was founded by Ravishing Women and API Chaya which are two major nonprofits that seek to inspire, encourage, and protect women. It was a perfect celebration of women empowerment!

RFW proudly received substantial media coverage across the platforms including on television, social media, newspapers, and broadcast on radio stations. With such strong support, RFW has created a platform that will bridge gaps in city culture and promote a sense of global citizenship using fashion as a tool. Finally with a fashion week of its own, Redmond will stand alongside Seattle and Bellevue as a fashion industry hotspot in the coming years.

To further the message of diverse fashion, RFW also hosted the inaugural Mr. Asia North America contest. The winners are as follows:

Mr. Asia North America 2018: Sooraj Nagpal working as IT Manager in Microsoft,

Mr. Asia Washington 2018: Adi Naidu

Mr. Asia Seattle 2018: Adarsh Kumar

Mr Teen Asia North America 2018: Ishaan Sandhu

Mr. Pre-Teen Asia North America 2018: Aryan Boparai

Mr. Pre-Teen Asia Washington 2018: Mahad Vakil

Mr. Personality Asia North America 2018: Zuhair A Hussain

Mr. Gentleman Asia North America 2018: Ashish Bhatia

Mr. Best Smile Asia North America 2018: Saravjeet Yadav

Mr. Photogenic Asia North America 2018: Karan Daftary

Mr. People’s choice Asia North America 2018: Fiqqy A. Randolph

Mr. Director’s Choice Asia North America 2018: Chaitanya Nalla

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