5th Indo American Press Club International Media to be held in Atlanta

5th Indo American Press Club International Media to be held in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – Preparations are in full swing for the fifth International Media Conference (IMC) by the Indo American Press Club (IAPC) at Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel from October 5th to 7th, 2018, Dr. Babu Stephen, Chairman of IAPC announced here last week at the kick-off meeting held in Atlanta.

 “Several national level leaders of different political parties and eminent media persons from India will be attending the event,” he said.  “We are expecting a total of 30 to 40 persons from India, 25 of whom have already confirmed.  Further discussions are in progress in this regard,” Dr. Stephen said.  He welcomed the whole-hearted support of the members of IAPC’s Atlanta chapter to make the Conference a great success.

The Conference will include several workshops and seminars headed by eminent Indian politicians as well as journalists from the print and audio-visual media.  “We expect this year’s event will attract more participants than the previous years,” Dr. Stephen said.

Various Committees have been formed under the leadership of accomplished community leaders and other experts for the seamless conduct of the Conference.  The committees are chaired by Babu Stephen (Finance), Mini Nair (Entertainment and Food Committees), Ginsmon Zachariah (Award), Sabu Kurian (Medical), George Kottarathil (Competition), Morley J. Nair (Publicity & Media), Lukose Tharian (Transportation), Jomy George (Reception & Registration and Youth Committess), Vineetha Nair (Program), Roopsi Narula (Women’s), Prasad Philipose (Stage), Thomas Mathew Joys (Souvenir), and Sunil J. Koozhambala (Educational Award),

 IAPC, formed in 2013 with the objective of bringing together the U.S. media-persons of Indian origin, has been conducting annual conferences in different U.S. cities for the last four years.   The previous events were attended by eminent Indian personalities from the fields of government, media, and literature.  IAPC currently has eight local chapters in US and Canada.

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  1. Appreciate you taking time to post a comment. I see you took time to read and comment on the news about OUR organization. You have also used information from other news releases of ours to point fingers at our guests from India who included journalists. Who are the politicians you mentioned. Although I respect your perspective, I have to vocalize my perspectives as well. I take a lot of pride as a member of this organization you call a sham.

    My name is Arun Hari and I am one of the working Secretaries of the organization and I have reasons to affirm that you are not Betty thomas. I can sense the shameless arrogance yearning for some attention in your draft. We are on Facebook as well. You refrained from taking these accusations there just because you did not have the rectitude or morality to express with your identity. Shameless!

    We live in an age where the ip address of online drafts can be traced to the almost specific location that reveals your identity. If you seek an apt response to your callow and vindictive comments perpetrated with a vile intension to taint the name of a growing organization like ours, please leave means to confirm your identity. It takes integrity and class to come out. We will respect your comment thereafter.

    I have an idea as to who you are and the reason why you stooped so low.

    A journalist that you say was accused of an act is still a journalist on duty representing a media house. That gives us a reason to have him address our crowd.

    In your comment you have also questioned the credibility of journalists from various media houses from India. Have you evaluated the carnage a legal address can bring upon you. If you ever considered worthy enough to comment on this, you will have used a credible source to identify yourself on this draft.

    Our organization had extended an invitation on an international level. The participation was voluntary. Moreover the dictionary defines ‘International’ as “existing, occurring, or carried on between two or more nations”. In such a context too, we are not to be questioned over.

  2. It is ridiculous to call this an international media conference when all the people attending are from Kerala. I see that every year politicians along with some not so credible journalist including people who have been arrested for using honeytrap in the name journalism are your speakers. There is not a single credible journalist from India or US in this confererce. I think the intention of the organisers is to get political connection in Kerala for their personal benefit.What a sham.

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