Madhu Yashki and Revanth Reddy felicitated by INOC

The Indian National Overseas Congress, USA – Telangana Chapter organized a meet and greet event for former member of parliament- NRI Madhu Yashki and MLA Revanth Reddy at the Royal Albert’s Palace in New Jersey on July 5th, 2018.

The event was attended by over 200 people on a working day. The event started with Shravanth Poreddy welcoming the guests and informing the people of some statistics on the lack of governance in telangana by the present ruling TRS party. Pradeep Suvarna (Vice President of telangana chapter) spoke on the leadership of Madhu Yashki and Revanth Reddy.

Chaithanya Reddy spoke on the role of Madhu Yashki in getting the US consulate to Hyderabad instead of Bangalore and also spoke on his work in organizing job melas in telangana. Rajender Dichpally (National General Secretary of Overseas Congress) spoke on how the telangana chapter played a very important role in organizing the grand reception for the Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi in September 2017 and hoped that the Congress Party in telangana will win the elections in the state and will revive the Congress Party like it did in the late 70’s under Indira Gandhi.

Sharat Vemuganti spoke on the role of the Congress Party in building modern India and the role of NRI’s in the Congress Party who went onto become legendary leaders in India. Vijay vennem spoke on the need of NRI’s to support the Congress Party in telangana for better governance.

Madhu Yashki spoke on how the worlds largest democracy and oldest democracy – USA and India have similar values and said that both the countries have become closer with stronger ties during the years in which the congress party ruled india from 2004 to 2014 and gave some examples like the US-India Civil Nuclear deal. He also spoke on some of his contributions as member of parliament during these years in working on stronger ties between the two countries. He also spoke on his role and support in the formation of the state of Telangana and hoped that the people of Telangana will realize that the state was formed due to the support of the congress party under the leadership of Smt.Sonia Gandhi and hoped that the people will vote the congress back to power in the state for better governance.

Revanth Reddy spoke on the shortcoming of the present telangana Government under Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao and said that all the hard work of getting the agitation for the new state was done by young people and students who sacrificed their lives and it was the Congress that granted the new state due to the intervention of Sonia Gandhi. He spoke on how the present government never recognized the sacrifices of over 1200 people who had died for the cause of formation of the Telangana state and said that the present government of Telangana was run by one single family that was involved in massive corruption. He said that the people of Telangana were sure to vote the Congress back to power in 2019 election. The meeting ended with a question and answer session followed by sumptuous dinner.

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