Indian Overseas Congress to hold a one-day conference this coming weekend in New York

Indian Overseas Congress to hold a one-day conference this coming weekend in New York

Indian Overseas Congress, USA will be holding a one-day national conference on this coming Saturday, July 28, 2018, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near JFK airport (138-10 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436). Delegates from across the country are expected to attend. Mr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, AICC will be presiding over the conference.

The purpose the conference is to bring together like-minded people from around the country who believe in the values and principles of the Congress party that gained independence for India and helped to build the nation into one of the top economic powerhouses in the world based on a secular democracy that preserved freedom, liberty and justice for each and every citizen regardless of the caste, color, regional or linguistic differences.

The conference will be discussing the current challenges to the democracy in India and exploring the possibilities of strengthening the Overseas Congress Units in the U.S and expanding the cooperation between the NRIs and their motherland. The meeting will also be seeking inputs from the delegates as to how to strengthen the pillars of democracy in India through knowledge sharing in social media and via volunteerism with the upcoming 2019 elections in mind.

Speakers at the meeting include Mr. Sam Pitroda, Dr. Surinder Malhotra, George Abraham, Shudh Prakash Singh, Mohinder Singh Gilzian,  Rajinder Dichpally,  Harbachan Singh and AICC secretaries Himanshu Vyas and Madhu Yaskhi.

Those who are interested in attending the conference are urged to register at or call 917-544-4137 or 646- 646-732-5119 or 917-749-8769 for further information.

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