Shree Umiya Dham Chicago Midwest Celebrates second Pran Pratistha anniversary & Pathotstav Mahotsav

Chicago IL: The SUDCM (Shree Umiya Dham Chicago Midwest) team celebrated the second Pran Pratistha anniversary & Pathotstav Mahotsav for “Ma Umiya” on June 3rd 2018 at Rana Reagan Community Center in Carol Stream Illinois. It was organized by Shree Umiya Dham Chicago Midwest organization.

The event was attended by over 700 devotees. The Program started at 1:00 PM with Mataji Palki Puja and Rath Yatra from 457 St. Paul Blvd.  Rath Yatra passed through several blocks with singing, dancing and Garba at multiple places on St Paul Blvd. The Rath Yatra along with Garba lasted almost hour and half. Wonderful weather with mild wind was real blessing of Mataji.

The Mataji Havan was planned in outdoor tent next door to Rana Reagan center. Several numbers of families participated in havan. Main Patalo and Mataji Murti uchamani was very exciting. Havan ceremony lasted around more than hour, starting  2:00 to 3:15 PM. In large numbers devotees joined the ceremony sitting under the trees. It gave us view of like Yagna taking place in Vandravan. The devotees also enjoyed delicious food outside in an open sky. Everyone enjoyed this social gathering.

After Havan ceremony everyone with ras garba and bhajan travelled with mataji to Rana Reagan center. SUDCM women team received Mtaji in to Rana Reagan center. Bhajan and Dhun started in main hall and everyone participated with open heart.  Everyone enjoyed the mataji Mahotsav celebration.

 During Maha Arti Ushamni SUDCM chairman announced acquisition of 29-acre land for Mataji future home. Thundering crowed of devotee got on their feet and welcomed the message of SUDCM owning the future home of Mataji.

Maha Arti ushamni winner was a surprise family who was first time participant for the event.  Over 50 families participated in Mataji arti along with Maha Arti. To many new families joined the Mataji arti.

After arti, everyone enjoyed the Maha Prasad. As usual SUDCM and from all other organizations volunteer team (male & female) did great job from beginning to end such as organizing the event, decorating the venue managing parking lot, managing registration, managing crowed, managing ushamni, managing kitchen, serving the food, and at end restoring Rana Reagan Center back to normal, you name it they did it all. Salute to all volunteers from SUDCM organization.

Many prominent community leaders from different organization like Manav Sava Mandir, Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago, United senior Parivar Chicago, Senior Citizens Parivar of Elgin, Indian Seniors of Chicago, KPS, Unjha and volunteers from Jalaram mandir team were present in event to support SUDCM.  SUDCM team appreciates everyone from bottom of their heart. SUDCM organization appreciates all other organizations who were here to support this event. Support from all organization proves that at end we are all one large family.

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