Musical Maestro Pritam Da Live Chicago! Expect the Unexpected!

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Chicago, IL: On Sunday, Jan 21th, Launch of Pritam Live Chicago was hosted at the Thumka Grill in Schaumburg – Chicago, IL announcing the Launch of the much awaited and the historic North American Tour of Bollywood Musical Maestro Pritam Chakraborty dedicated to the cause of Opioid Epidemic awareness in America. “ Pritam – first Time ever tour in North America” A musical concert created by and around the musical Maestro Pritam Da, with more than 600 songs in 120 movies to his Credit, this tour will be the Biggest Bollywood musical journey North America has ever seen along with eight singers and extraordinary performers in seven cities across North America.

“It is a genuine honor that Legendary Pritam Chakraborty is pledging this historic tour to the awareness of Opioid Epidemic Awareness, most of us are still unaware of this America’s #1 crisis and that it has reached as a national emergency as declared by our President. Numbers are only growing each year, unfortunately, we experienced 500,000 American deaths, and the awareness is essentials to reach to all our youth to refrain from drugs abuse. This Historic Bollywood Tour is a genius and a powerful approach to bring the awareness to the South Asian youth and we are privileged to have the Legend Pritam Da, bring the message in a musical adventure for this noble cause.

Karl Kalra of Live2u, Mr. Gaurang Patel & Mr. Gaurav Anand of INXS Productions organized this successful Launch of Pritam Live Chicago, Expect the Unexpected 2018. Mr. Patel began the evening by thanking each and every one present at the launch, and appreciated God for giving such an enormous opportunity, he shared his experience of how this Tour has grown from day to day and has been blessed to support and spread the awareness of the noble cause. Mr. Patel than introduced the man himself, founder of Live2u Mr. Karl Kalra, thanked and appreciated each and each every one present at the launch and online and appreciated God for giving such an enormous opportunity.

Kalra expressed his appreciation and shared Live2u’s journey, Live2u was established 10 years ago by Mr. Kalra and Mrs. Karla’s hard work and dedication, their Dream was to make Live2u the Biggest Musical Company in the United States of America, and their Dream has truly come true. Mr. Kalra stated it was possible with the support of his dear wife; they worked restlessly day and night to achieve the success.

Kalra had a surprise for Chicago and he introduced, the man himself; Musical Maestro Pritam Da to Chicago Face-to-Face, Online. Audience present at the launch truly felt the energy and applauded and genuinely welcomed Pritam Da to North America for his Biggest Tour. Pritam Da genuinely recognized and appreciated everyone’s warm welcome, Pritam Da stated he is really excited and pumped for this April 2018 and can no longer wait. He stated him and his teams are working restlessly for the North America Tour. He assured this will be the most entertaining and remarkable Tour that we all have ever witnessed. He gave his remarks to bring the awareness of this epidemic. The audience present at the launch and online requested Dada to sing a couple of lines from one of his compositions, and Pritam Da sang for the crowd without thinking twice, it was truly an unforgettable and powerful moment for all. Pritam Da stated him and his teams are working restlessly to bring the audience of North America the Biggest Musical Adventure of all time.

Musical Maestro Pritam Da assured North America will experience the fun-filled musical concerts throughout the North America. The master Pritam Da, himself stated along with the team of the talented artists will take the musical event to the next level. He is passionate and dedicated fully to bring the awareness of the noble cause, He stated “I am tremendously pleased to be allied with this enormously vital cause and will support and go above and beyond with this historic North America Tour to help fight this epidemic.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, (President) of American Pain Association, online live face-to-face at the launch addressed that drugs are killing more people than traffic accidents and guns violence’s in America and is a foremost alarm. He sensed that regrettably this subject is so spoken or heard about and kept under a rug and has become a soundless epidemic. This Historic Tour will revolutionize the way we express and receive the awareness of this cause. This is a game-changing platform to reach South Asian Communities across Americas and beyond. Dr. Gupta gave his remarks and educated the present audience about America’s #1 crisis. Dr. Gupta acknowledged and appreciated; Pritam Da, Mr. Kalra, Mr. Patel, Mr. Anand and the entire Team of the North America Tour, to be part of this huge initiative and bring the message with the unexpected musical adventure.

The Pritam Live Chicago Launch Introduced the lineup of 8 singers who will be performing live of many of Pritam Da’s compositions which are the Highest Bollywood Hits. The super lineup is Harshdeep Kaur, Nakash Aziz, Shilpa Rao, Sreerama Chandra, Antara Mitra, Shalmali Kholgade, Amit Mishra and Amanat Ali.

Karl Kalra recognized and expressed heartfelt appreciation to the entire National Team for their hard work and restless dedication in making the dream to the reality and bringing the historic and the biggest Bollywood Concerts to North America. The Chicago’s Team embraces, Gaurang Patel, Gaurav Anand, Payal Shah, Manoj Singamsetti, Malla Reddy, Chandrashekhar Reddy.

Pritam Live Tour, “First Time Ever in North America” will take place in April 2018 as follows – April 6th in Chicago, 7th in New Jersey, 8th in Toronto, 13th in Dallas, 14th in Los Angeles, 20th in Washington D.C, 21st in San Jose.

The Launch was attended by Community Leaders along with Media Representatives, respected individuals, and music and life encouragers. The launch was a Super Hit Success in Chicago!

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