GOPIO-CT holds annual Youth Networking program

GOPIO Connecticut conducted the annual Youth Networking program on December 23rd, 2017 at The Hampton Inn and Suites in  Stamford. The objective of this event was to inculcate education into the youth of Connecticut and to give them an opportunity to network amongst their peers and students/alumni of various universities and companies in USA.
Mr.Vedant Gannu, a High School in Stamford was the youth chair and organizer for the event where GOPIO officials, professionals and alumni from various industrial verticals and universities were invited to address and advise the youth about their education and participation in public and professional services.
Dr. Thomas Abraham and Mrs. Anita Bhat of GOPIO advised the youth on the availability of beneficial education in public service and the options for financing their education through different scholarships provided. GOPIO provides a platform for youth to serve its community.
Ajay Manchanda, CTO of The Navigators Group, spoke about evaluating career choices. “If you enjoy your career, you won’t feel like you are working. You’ll be having fun,” Manchanda said.
Ruchir Pandya of NBA spoke about the various career opportunities in his field. “The way to make the most of your career is to step out of your comfort zone,” said Padya.
Vinod Kumar, CEO of SKYi, spoke on the availability of International education opportunities and scholarships. Namrata Gannu of UBS spoke about the importance of networking in the industry.
“It’s important to start building a good online profile and presence in LinkedIn in order to network and maximize career opportunities,” Namrata said. Nupur Daptardar spoke on the admission process of various state colleges, and Ms. Isha Dalal of Yale spoke about high school experiences and college activities. The event maintained a large youth presence and provided them with firsthand knowledge from accomplished individuals. Over forty youth and young professionals participated in the program which ended with a lunch.

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