Sapan Shah to Run for Illinois’ 10th Congressional District in 2018

A physician and entrepreneur in Illinois recently declared his candidacy to run for the state’s 10thCongressional District seat as a Republican. Dr. Sapan Shah, 37, of Libertyville, announced his candidacy in September for the 2018 primary, with the hopes of eventually unseating Democrat incumbent Brad Schneider next November.

Among the Indian American candidate’s platform includes taxes and spending, the healthcare crisis and championing the role of citizen legislators as intended by the nation’s founders, he told in a report.

Shah is the president and founding partner of a malpractice insurance brokerage in Chicago providing insurance and risk management solutions for more than 800 doctors. He said it has given him the chance to see the problems with the healthcare system up close, according to the report.

“As a doctor who has spent his entire adult life in and around the medical field, I am uniquely qualified to address the health care crisis we find ourselves in today,” Shah said in the report. “I will accomplish this through competition and transparency, empowering individuals by putting them in charge of their own healthcare.”

Shah said he intends to improve the economy by supporting job creators and cutting spending and taxes, the publication noted.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, yet instead of supporting them, our government seems to be doing everything it can to stifle the entrepreneurial spirit,” the candidate said in the report. “As a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, I know that businesses sometimes just need government to get out of the way.”

Additionally, Shah said that reducing taxes on businesses and individuals will “energize our economy and create better-paying jobs for the hard-working people of the 10th District.”

According to the report, Shah said he intends to run and serve in Congress for a maximum of six years, during which he will support implementing term limits.

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