Indian American woman from NYC woman mauled to death by shark off Costa Rican coast

A Manhattan private equity director was fatally mauled by a shark while scuba diving off the coast of Costa Rica, authorities said. Rohina Bhandari, 49, was identified by friends as the American tourist who was attacked by a tiger shark off of remote Isla del Coco Thursday.
Bhandari was hauled out of the water after sustaining severe bites to both of her legs, Costa Rica’s Environment Ministry said.
Park guards and medical personal vacationing on the island launched a frantic effort to treat her wounds. But Bhandari, a senior director at WL Ross & Co. LL, could not be saved, officials said.
A dive master also suffered a shark bite but those injuries were not life-threatening. The instructor, who was conscious and in relatively stable condition, told officials that the shark attacked when his group was surfacing at the tail end of the dive.
A boater and other divers tried to drive the creature away but it was too late. “Upon reaching the surface, the attack on the tourist was already serious,” the environment ministry said. Bhandari was among a group of 18 people diving off Cocos Island National Park, a World Heritage Site that’s known for its abundant species of sharks.

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