Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election victory celebration in New York


Members of the Indian American Community  organized a grand Victory celebrations in New York on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 in Long Island, NY. On a working day large number of community leaders and people attended the celebrations at Hicksvile, New York. 

In his Key Note Address Jagdish Sewhani, president American India Public Affairs Committee said that People of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have out rightly rejected the politics of casteism, appeasement of minorities and corruption.

They have endorsed good governance and voted for development. The proof is that the BJP has been re-elected for a record sixth time. In Himachal Pradesh they have totally rejected corrupt Congress government and gave BJP a 2/3rd majority.

Sharing his personal story, Sewhani said when he was growing up in Gujarat there was long hours of power cuts were norm of the day, every year there were riots and workers went on strike. Ever since BJP has come to power they have changed the face of Gujarat. It is the most developed and industrial State of the country. It has set a gold standard of development in the country. Gujarat now has surplus power. It is now riots and strikes free. There is internet even in villages.

Gujarat has reached this development because of a stable and powerful BJP government for nearly last two decades.

This is the Gujarat Model, we need to follow. If we want a developed and powerful India – which is peaceful and strong – the vision of New India that honorable Prime Minister has envisioned, we need a stable and strong government in Delhi for at least for the next three decades.

India is on its way to Congress Mukt Bharat. BJP/NDA is now in 19 states. The credit of Victory goes to our Dynamic Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modiji, who in last 3 1/2 years has given clean government, set a standard for good governance. India is now marching ahead…. We do not want to be stopped.

As such we need to work in a mission mode for the 2019 general election. Our objective should be not only to re-elect BJP, but also target 450 Lok Sabha seats and 50 percent of the popular votes. Such a strong mandate and popular government is essential to accelerate the pace of development march on the path of New India that we all dream of.

The vision of New India requires uninterrupted power to BJP and Modiji. Modiji firmly believes in Politics of Development and Sabh ka Sath and Sabh Ka Vikas . There was lot of excitement in the audience. They were again and again Chanting Modi/Modi. The victory celebrations finally concluded with a new slogan of Modiji Jeetega Bhai Jeetega Vikas Hee Jeetega.

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