Dr. Ajit Pant, President US India Chamber of Commerce outlines the case for Investing in India

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Chicago IL: US India Chamber of Commerce, Midwest organized “2017 Annual Holiday Dinner” on December 08, 2017 at Ashyana Banquets, Downers Grove, Illinois. The theme of the event was “India: A Prime Investment Destination”.

 The event was packed and attended by leading entrepreneurs, professionals and industry leaders and spouses. Roopla Khanna, Board Member welcomed the gathering. Dr. Ajit Pant, President and Founder Member, spoke about the history of the Chamber since its founding in 2002. He highlighted its recent activities and programs and explained the “Future Vision of the Chamber”.

 Thereafter, an illustrious Panel consisting of Dr. Ajit Pant, Dr. Shekhar Mishra and Mr. Rajeev Ranjan discussed on the key theme of the event “India: A Prime Investment Destination”. The panel discussed the various historical improvements of the investment climate in India. Dr. Pant covered in detail the new currency, tax and land acquisition reforms. The recent program initiatives of the Indian Government such as Make In India, Skill India, Digital India, Clean India and Smart City etc. were also highlighted by Dr. Pant. He also gave an idea how the GDP growth would be positively impacted by these reforms and program initiatives. ‘

He stated that India’s edge would be as a result of the above reforms, its demographic advantage (in terms of productivity and consumption), and the communication and internet connectivity boom taking place in India. All these factors combine to make India a prime destination for foreign investments.

Dr. Pant also mentioned about huge the investments being made and envisaged by American Companies such as Amazon, Uber, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and many others. The Panel discussion was followed by an active and enthusiastic question and answer session.

Dr. Ajit Pant introduced and honored Dr. Vemury Murthy, President of the Chicago Medical Society for his many initiatives in India in the field of medicine. Vandana Jhingan, the Republican Congressional Candidate from the 8th District of Illinois was also introduced and honored for her exemplary journalistic services to the local Indo American community.

Dr. Prakasam Tata, in his thank you remarks dwelled on the topic of giving with a philosophical touch and highlighted the Charitable Community work that he had been able to carry out in India with the help of the Rotary Club of Naperville. The event was attended by the following Board members: Dr. Ajit Pant (President), Dr. Prakasam Tata, Kanapathy, Rajiv Khanna, Mrs. Roopla Khanna, Dr. Shekhar Mishra. The event ended with more networking and a gala Cocktail and Dinner.

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