AAPI’s Nine City Musical Tour by Talat Aziz to Help Create Everlasting Bonds Between AAPI Members: Dr. Gautam Sammader

Funds raised from Talat Aziz musical tour to help victims of Hurricanes across USA

(Chicago, IL: September 20, 2017):  Talat Aziz, a popular ghazal singer, playback singer in Bollywood movies, composer, and actor, from Hyderabad, India, is all set to take the United States by storm during his Nine City Musical Tour starting on October 6th in San Antonio, TX. Organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian origin (AAPI), the musical tour is being organized across the nation, with CME Seminars for AAPI members and Régional Conférences in Nine Cities across the country. The grand finale of the musical tour will be held on October 28th in Atlanta, GA.

Following the highly successful tour by Shreya Ghoshal and Shankar Mahadevan, benefitting AAPI’s charitable works and local AAPI Chapters, the current tour is being led by the popular world renowned Gazhal singer and troupe. The proceeds from the musical tour is planned to be used for AAPI’s charitable works, benefitting those affected by the hurricane in the states of Texas and Florida, and other projects in India and the United States

The great Ghazal mastero will perform on Wednesday, Oct. 11 2017 in Fresno, CA; Friday,  October 13th in Huntsville, AL,Saturday, October 14th in Houston, TX; Sunday, October 15th in Augusta, GA; Friday, October 20th in  Columbus, OH; Saturday, October 21st in Chicago, IL; Sunday, October 22nd in St. Louis, MO; Friday, October 27th in South Jersey, NJ; and Saturday, October 28th in Atlanta, GA.

“Many of our industry partners liked this concept where they could get prime time with a few hundred doctors for product promotion/theater, non CME lectures, exhibits, booths,” Dr. Gautam Samadder, President of AAPI, says. “These multi-city mini-seminars and music concerts are a novel concept for education and recreation that will raise funds for the local chapters of AAPI, the national AAPI and the AAPI Charitable Foundation.”

Born in Hyderabad, India, the young Aziz grew in a family of talented artists, organizing Mehfils in their house, inviting artists and poets like Jagjit Singh, Jaan Nisaar Akhtar to name a few. Influenced by these great artists, Aziz started learning music from an early age and took his initial training in music from Kirana Gharana. He was trained primarily by Ustad Samad Khan and later by Ustad Faiyyaz Ahmed Khan from the Kirana Gharana and from Ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan.

Talat Aziz released his first album in February 1980, under the baton of Jagjit Singh, which was a runaway hit and the ghazals are still favorites of all ghazal lovers. Starting with debut in the Bollywood world in 1981 in the classic film, Umrao Jaan, Talat Aziz won national recognition and won chance to sing in hundreds of other Bollywood movies, winning the hearts and souls of millions around the world.

Talat has also composed music for TV serials and has also acted in several of them. As an actor he has acted in several TV serials and in the film ‘Dhun’ directed by Mahesh Bhatt. Recently, Talat Aziz acted in the feature film ‘Fitoor’ produced and released by Disney in 2015 where he played a cameo. He has toured around the world winning laurels from all. In 2015, he toured the U.S. for a special show titled ‘The Iconic Tour’ in conjunction with Prria Haider Productions in USA, who executed it for six packed concerts all over the U.S. where for the first time he sang Bollywood retro songs with Asha Bhosle ji.

The Seminars and workshops are being led by accomplished faculty of leading Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Surgeons and Psychiatrists.  Each of the nine medical-educational-programs is expected to have an audience of 250-400 Physicians, which will be followed by annual gala event and entertainment with over 2,500 audience at each location.

The need to organize the national level campaign is a way towards realizing one of AAPI’s main goals, Dr. Samadder said.  “Our primary goal is to educate the public on diseases and their impact on health, AAPI has physicians in almost every city and town of USA. With this extensive network we should be able to spread message on healthcare by following the template plan. We are also exploring the use of social media and phone ‘apps’ as healthy lifestyle tools.”

Dr. Samadder, who assumed charge of this premier ethnic organization representing 100,000 physicians and residents, gave credit to the whole hearted support of AAPI executive committee, hard work of local Chapter members, and God’s blessings in the plan and execution of the Musical Tour around the nation.  “Success of credit goes to the entire national organizing committee, AAPI executive committee, Board Of Trustees and AAPI Charitable Foundation members,” he said.

AAPI is a forum to facilitate and enable Indian American Physicians to excel in patient care, teaching and research and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs. For more details on the Nine City Tour and AAPI, please visit: www.aapiusa.org

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