AAPI floats Hurricane Relief Fund

(Houston, TX: August 30, 2017) AAPI members are well known around the world for their generosity, commitment and dedication to their motherland India and to their adopted land, the United States. AAPI, the largest ethnic medical association in the natrion, leads and facilitates collaboration with leading experts of India origin from all over the globe enabling exchange of best practices, knowledge, and experiences to develop sustainable, actionable programs, skills development and training that enhance capability and enable access to affordable and quality healthcare for all people of India.

“AAPI physicians represent only 10% of all physicians in the United States but service approximately 30% of the US patient population,” Dr. Samadder said. “Many have fostered personal relationships with members of Congress (as well as the highest levels of Government in India) that are invaluable assets to influencing legislation and insuring appropriate, patient-focused healthcare reform. Our business partners can be assured of a receptive audience and, once engaged, a loyal client and ambassador of the product and company,” he added.

In this context, AAPI members are concerned about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and are in the forefront to support and help people affected by the historic storm, said, Dr. Gautam Samadder, President of AAPI.

“Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas area with severe winds and flash flooding. This serious natural disaster inflexed a grave loss of lives and property. Our hearts are with the victims of the disaster. Our AAPI members and families were also suffering the damage. Still, they come forward to help the community at large,” said Dr. Sammader in a statement issued here.

While calling upon his fellow physicians to rise upto the occasion and give their best, Dr. Samadder said, “At this time of the need, it is our responsibility to provide all the possible assistance to the victims of this grave natural disaster in Texas. Our AAPI physicians in Texas will serve the victims at no charge for next 2-4 weeks. This gives a clear message that we care and we know how to give back to the community.”

AAPI appeals to all the members of AAPI to contribute to those affected by this once in your life time natural disaster in Texas. Please write a check to AAPI (In the memo, please write Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund). The collected donation will be given to the Governor of Texas.

The donations are Tax Deductible. “Please donate generously. Please make your check payable to: American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (Harvey Relief Fund); and have the checks mailed to: AAPI Headquarters, 600 Enterprise Dr., Ste 108, Oak Brook, IL 60523. For additional information on AAPI and its Global Healthcare Summit, please visit: www.aapiusa.org;www.aapighsindia.org

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