First Patotsav and Navagraha Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav at Shree Jalaram Mandir of Chicago

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Chicago IL: Grand Ceremony of Patotsav and Navagraha Murti Pratishtha with festivity and enthusiasm was celebrated at Shree Jalaram Mandir of Chicagoland located at 425 Illinois Blvd, Hoffman Estates from July 6 to 9, 2017. The ritual by which a murti (image of a god) is consecrated in a Hindu temple, wherein hymns and mantra are recited to invite the deity to be resident guest, and the idol’s eye is opened for the first time. The ritual include elaborate procession and considered to have infused life into the Hindu temple, and brought the numinous presence of divinity and spirituality to the temple. It is also referred to as Murti Sthapana (idol placement inside the temple), or the composite word Pranapratishtha.

Mandirs and Murtis form a basic element of the Hindu Dharma. A traditional sacred ritual prevails celebrating the anniversaries of murti-consecration (Prana Pratishtha) of mandirs. Known as Patotsav, the word is a compound of Paat and Utsav – festival. Paat is derived from Patti, a strip of garment tied on the head of a Murti. The ritual typically involves a grand Abhishek of the Murtis. Abhishek means to pour Panchamrut – milk, yogurt, ghee, sugar and honey, and kesar-jal – water with saffron, on the Murtis. This ritual is performed in a meticulous sequence by chanting specific Vedic mantras, including the Purush Sukta. The sanctified Panchamrut, known as Charanamrut is collected and later availed of by devotees. After Abhishek, the Murtis are bathed with water and adorned with shrungar – garments, ornaments and flower garlands.

This most important ritual was commenced with a “Ram Yagna” on Saturday, July 2nd followed with four day grand ceremony which included Navagraha Murti Pran Pratishtha and First Patotsav (Anniversary) from July 6th to 9th.

Both ceremonies were performed with heavenly blessings from Aradhya Dev, Lord Ramchandra, and his disciple Sant Shri Jalaram Bapa. Deities involved in the Patotsav ceremony were Shri Ganesh, Goddess Jagdamba, Ram Parivar with pavanputra Hanuman, Sant Shri Jalaram Bapa, Radha Krishna, Shiv Parivar, Veer Hanuman and Sant Shri Shirdi Saibaba. The Pran Pratishtha festivity included Murti of Shri Suryanarayana or Sun God, and depiction of nine celestial planets, Navagraha named as Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node).

The rituals were performed by Nine scholarly Acharya’s – Bharatbhai Joshi (Mukhya Acharya), Yogeshbhai Pandya, Krushnakant Sulekhe, Keyurbhai Sevak, Dharmendrabhai Pandya, Hasmukhbhai Trivedi, Yogeshbhai Joshi, Parikshit Joshi, and Shivang Joshi. They conducted Puja Vidhi as per Hindu Shastra chanting Vedic mantras in Sanskrit over the period of four days and explained step by step procedure to the Yajman and devotees at large. Also, they worked diligently with harmony to coordinate and accomplish this monumental event.

The Murti Pratishtha ceremony on July 9th was concluded with the thank you note from Jalaram Mandir Chairman, Chirayu Parikh addressing Acharya’s, Mandir Management and all supporters and also reminding everyone to cherish Jalaram Day (July 9th) which was proclaimed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner in 2016.

Finally, this auspicious event was mesmerized by the musical evening and cultural program performed by the Mandir youth team, which also included drama and traditional dances choreographed by Mrugakshiben Patel of Nartan Dance Academy.

Among the principal sponsors, Manishbhai and Asmitaben Patel were the Super Donor, whereas Jashvantbhai and Shardaben Patel, Dr. Kamalbhai and Dr. Charuben Vibhaker and Hemlataben Chandrakant Parikh were the Patotsav & Murti Pratishtha Yajman. Yajman for Ram Yagna, Kalash and Dhaja Puja included Tusharbhai and Nishaben Chotalia, Rajnikantbhai and Sarlaben Modi, Mahendrabhai and Ranjanben Thakkar, Kaumilbhai and Nipaben Thakkar, Viralbhai and Palakben Thakkar, Dhaval and Amisha Thakkar, Dilipbhai and Harshaben Thakkar.

The sponsors for groceries and sweets were Jalaram Produce, Deep Foods, Rajshree Groceries, Tulsi Grocers, Radhika Kitchen, Sai Saffron, and Dalicious Restaurant. Also, many other sponsors donated generously for the Mahaprasad.

Daily events were attended with great enthusiasm and active participation by hundreds of devotees, well-wishers and members from various Hindu community. Each day freshly cooked delicious lunch and dinner were served as Mahaprasad. Another reason for great success of the occasion was endless dedicated work by volunteers.

The entire event was broadcast live on you Media USA. Shree Jalaram Mandir Organization was formed and registered in December 2006. By the Grace of Jalaram Bapa and devotion of members at large, existing church property located in Hoffman Estates, IL was transformed in to Jalaram Temple in March 2008. Shortly after inception, necessary renovation and expansion project were undertaken and the final phase of construction including Domes & Shikar installation were completed in spring of 2017.

Board of Trustees: Chirayu Parikh, Chandulal Thakkar, Jashvantbhai Patel, Yogesh Thakkar, Jayshree Thakkar, Hasmukh Thakkar, Rajesh K. Thakkar, Bhupendra Thakkar, Ashwin Thakkar, Rajendra J. Thakkar, Dhaval Thakkar, Madhusudan Thakkar and Sumit Patel. Executive Board: Bakul Thakkar, Ashish Thakkar, Kashyap Thakkar, Bhavik Thakkar, Dr. Ganshyam Thakkar, Dipak Thakkar, Nayna Soni, Mahesh Patel, Dilip Patel, Jigar Dave, Jiga Thakkar, Chandrakant Thakkar and Ramesh Thakkar.

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