AAPI Hosts Leadership Seminar, Media Event At The Indian Consulate in New York

API leaders share health and wellness message at India Day Parade in New York

(New York, NY: August 19, 2017) As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence. AAPI, the premier organization that represents over 65,000 physicians and 25,000 Residents of Indian Origin in the United states, want to convey our greetings to all peoples of Indian origin on this day of national celebration,” Gautam Samadder, M.D. AAPI, President, declared at the Indian Consulate in New York during a press conference on August 19th.

On August 20th, AAPI joined the India Day Parade with a multi-color float spreading the message of health and wellness at the largest India Day Parade in New York City, organized by the Federation of Indian Americans. “AAPI takes special pride in saluting our beloved tricolor. Let us recall with pride the great sacrifice of our freedom fighters, whose undying love for India secured us our freedom,” Dr. Samadder said, as the float carrying AAPI leaders overflew with delegates from across the nation. Dr. Samadder and a host of AAPI delegates wer5e seen dancing to the melodious tunes from Bollywood, while waving cheerfully to the large crowds that had gathered to greet the leaders. AAPI delegates joined the Meet and Greet with Grand Marshal Rana Daggubati on August 21st, 2017 at Royal Albert Palace Edison, NJ.
Addressing the AAPI members from around the nation, media leaders and representatives from the tri state region at the Consulate, Dr. Samadder, who had assumed office in June this years as the President of the largest ethnic association of the medical fraternity, highlighted the importance and the major role played by the physicians of Indian origin. “AAPI physicians represent only 10% of all physicians in the United States but service approximately 30% of the US patient population,” Dr. Samadder said. “Many have fostered personal relationships with members of Congress (as well as the highest levels of Government in India) that are invaluable assets to influencing legislation and insuring appropriate, patient-focused healthcare reform. Our business partners can be assured of a receptive audience and, once engaged, a loyal client and ambassador of the product and company,” he added.
In his key note address, Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty said, “You have excelled in your fields of medicine, and thus make significant contributions through hard work, commitment and dedication to your profession and the people you are committed to serve.” While conveying his greetings and best wishes to AAPI leaders for the success of the convention and Global Healthcare Summit, Consul General of India in New York Sandeep Chakravorty described the fast-growing health sector, particularly the pharmaceutic industry in India. Ambassador Chakravorty lauded the efforts of AAPI, particularly for the free clinics across India, and the new clinic planned to be inaugurated in the state of West Bengal.
AAPI members just returned from an all sold out exciting tour to the most exotic and scenic places on earth: South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana from August 4th through 13th, 2017. “Being busy in our work and caring for our families through the year, this “getaway” from all the daily challenges of our lives, was a way to reenergize our bodies and minds in the company of our beloved ones during this nature tour,” said Dr. Samadder.
 “I am extremely pleased to announce the new phase in our relationship and collaboration with the American Medical Association. AAPI has signed a MOU with AMA, the premier organization, working with whom, AAPI will succeeded in bringing to the forefront the many important health care issues facing the physician community and raising our voice unitedly before the US Congress members,” Dr. Samadder told media persons during the press event.
Within the few weeks since assuming office, the executive team led by Dr. Samadder has taken many initiatives, Dr. Samadder provided an overview of the programs AAPI plans to undertake in the coming months. Pointing to some of the new initiatives, Dr. Samadder referred to the Clinical Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology; Healthy Heart program; International Research competition; and, a new free clinic by the AAPI Charitable Foundation in the state of West Bengal.
Towards making this goal and other objectives of AAPI, Dr. Samadder has an excellent and dedicated executive committee, consisting of Dr. Naresh Parikh, President-Elect; Dr. Suresh Reddy, Vice President; Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, Secretary; Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Treasurer; and Dr. Ashok Jain, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Samadder thanked Dr. Raj Bhayani and Dr. Kusum Punjabi, among many others for their leadership and the initiatives in organizing the conference today.
As President of AAPI, the nation’s largest ethnic association, the team is committed to unify AAPI by breaking down the barriers of various regions, languages, medical education within the organization and bringing everyone together as a whole organization rather than separate fragments of the organization.
Dr. Ashok Jain, Chairman of the BOT, AAPI, in his address, assured AAPI members of the sound financial status of AAPI. “AAPI is strong financially,” he told members. Dr. Jain praised the leadership of Dr. Samadder and his executive committee for their leadership and leading the organization to new heights.
Dr. Raj Bhayani welcomed the AAPI delegates and the media persons to the press conference, while Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda proposed vote of thanks. Dr. Shashi Shah, past BOT chairman introduced the Consul General to the audience. In his felicitation remarks, Dr. Ajay Lodha, the immediate past president of AAPI, praised the leadership of Dr. Samadder. “Under the leadership of Dr. Gautam and his team, AAPI has been brought to new heights,” he said.
According to Dr. Samadder, for AAPI to retain its influence, AAPI must mentor and develop the next generation of doctors in leadership. “I want to encourage medical students, residents, and fellows and all second-generation Indian American physicians to be actively involved in both local and national level efforts to building a strong association focusing on leader development and strengthening our professional relations.”
Earlier, during the day, AAPI members attended an outstanding Leadership Conference, addressed by renowned speakers with a working lunch and was followed by a Conference from 1pm to 5.30 pm. The Leadership conference agenda focused on: Effective Media Communication; Learn Team Building Skills; How to Succeed as Entrepreneur; and, Why Giving Back to your Community Helps You as a Leader.
The physicians of Indian origin are proud of their great achievements and contributions to our motherland, India, our adopted land, the US and in a very significant way to the transformation of the Indo-US relations. Towards this end, AAPI. The 11thannual Global Healthcare Summit is a testimony to AAPI’s commitment to their motherland, India.
AAPI continues to march ahead and 2017 will reach West Bengal with the 11th AAPI GHS scheduled from Dec 28 to 30 in the beautiful city of joy, Kolkata. “Our focus will be continue making progress with the TBI guidelines dissemination, training of first responders and engaging local authorities to help address one of the major causes of road fatalities by pursuing four key aspects, awareness, pre-hospital care, in hospital and rehab. We are very fortunate that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has been a strong supporter of our message and his name, voice and message on prevention continues to make a significant difference. AAPI will continue to broaden this activity in West Bengal,” declared Dr. Samadder.
The AAPI GHS has also served as a sounding board for many Healthcare Leaders to freely exchange views, ideas and help resolve challenges that are addressed during the very effective CEO forums usually chaired by MOH officials and leading CEO. This has helped in attracting investment, advanced training and setting up hospitals, medical institutions etc. AAPI will continue the international research competition, EP, Cardiology, Urology and other workshops that will help in training several India based physicians. AAPI’s emphasis on promoting maternal and infant health has been a very well received initiative under the banner of “Women’s Leadership Forum”. This also serves as an inspiration for aspiring women leaders to see and hear from role models.
The GHS 2017 will have a pre-session for AAPI delegates in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, exploring the modern marvels, while post GHS session will take members to the natural wonders in the Himalayan regions in Bhutan. Registration for GHS and the sessions for the Dubai and Bhutan are open and members are encouraged to register online at www.aapighs2017.org

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