Hirsh Vardhan Singh enters New Jersey Governor’s race

Hirsh Vardhan Singh enters New Jersey Governor's race

Hirsh Vardhan Singh, a successful businessman and engineer, will announce his run for Governor of the Great State of New Jersey.  A Republican, Singh said he believes the state has been suffering due to petty partisanship and offers a bold vision to improve the lives of New Jersey residents through the Fairness Formula, strategic infrastructure development, medical malpractice and tort reform, tax cuts for small businesses and the legalization of cannabis, according to a statement from his campaign office.

Hirsh explains his main concerns from the highest property taxes nationwide, to a lack of well-paying manufacturing jobs, below par K-12 education, and State over-regulation, which have harmed the realization of the American Dream by attacking social mobility.  He will explain his plan to bridge the gaps of division in the state.

Hirsh is a product of New Jersey.  He grew up in Atlantic County, New Jersey and earned an engineering degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Hirsh is a results-driven leader who directs and manages small and large teams of corporations providing the most cutting edge engineering solutions and services nationwide across civilian and defense government agencies.

Last week, on February 21, Hirsh addressed the Ocean County GOP – one of the most influential county organizations in New Jersey.  In his speech, Hirsh pointed out that problems faced by New Jersey are a result of a flawed philosophy of government held by state leaders, and believes the solution has always been right in front in the state motto: Liberty and Prosperity. Through Liberty we attain Prosperity.

As New Jersey Governor, Hirsh plans to work tirelessly to bring prosperity back, fix the state’s sky rocketed property tax, the broken education system, fix transportation infrastructure, and make New Jersey a national leader in technological innovation.

Singh will focus his campaign on fixing property taxes, wages of manufacturing jobs, K-12 education and state overregulation, the campaign team said. The candidate added that state overregulation has harmed the realization of the American Dream by attacking social mobility.

The New Jersey primary is on June 6, 2017. Voting information can be found at http://singhfornewjersey.com/vote/.

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