Chaitra Navratri celebrated with Bhajans at Hari OM Mandir

Chaitra Navratri celebrated with Bhajans at Hari OM Mandir

“Jai Mata Ki” “Jai Mata Ki” This was the chanting that echoed from the walls & in the Congregation Hall of Hari Om Mandir on Saturday, April 1st, 2017!!! A Vishal Mata ki Chowki was held to celebrate the auspicious Chaitra Navratri, on the Fifth Day of the Nine Day series celebrations. Bunty Bawa from California, came to make this event extra special. His energetic & powerful singing made the event an especially memorable one. Amidst Dhol (drums) and ringing bells, Bunty Bawa was welcomed into the Hari Om Mandir, fully packed with devotees waiting anxiously to hear his popular Bhents.

Navratri (nine-night) festival celebrated over nine days and nights, dedicated to the nine embodiments of Goddess Durga. It is one of the important religious festivals in India, celebrated twice a year, with great pomp, affection and zeal all over India. The devotees worship the Nine Incarnations of Goddess Durga till nine days to seek blessing of Maa Durga. It is believed that people who worship Maa Bhagwati, by fasting and chanting mantras during Navratri, will be blessed with prosperity, health and wisdom in their life.

After starting with the recitation of Ganesh Vandana, Bunty Bawa started singing his popular Bhents one after the other…..His NON STOP singing and loud clapping knew no bounds. He enthralled the audiences with his amazing voice and choice of Bhents. Such was the aura of his melodious singing that the congregation felt transported into Mata Vaishno Devi Durbar and started singing, clapping, dancing along with him.

To add to the ambience of the occasion, the Mandir was beautifully decorated with Chunris, Bells, Kalash, Flowers, and Garlands etc. The whole atmosphere was charged with Devotion and Blessings from Maa Durga seemed to be actually showering from Above!!!

Everybody was all praise for Bunty Bawa…his enthusiastic singing and his devotion….People are already looking forward to his program in the next Sharad Navratri in the months of Sept/Oct.

For the first time ever, besides the unprecedented attendance in the Mandir, the entire program was streamed LIVE on Facebook, and hundreds of Devotees were logged in, who also enjoyed the program sitting at home. Several Messages poured in, congratulating the Mandir Management on the tremendous success of the Program. The pious evening culminated with a sumptuous Dinner / Prasad which was equally relished by one and all.

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