Heart-to-Heart with a Texas Cardiologist

Texas Cardiologist-Designed A Free App To Help Patients Navigate Complex Heart Conditions & Treatments

By Seema Govil

This valentine’s gift yourself a healthy heart. February marks American Heart Month, which is a perfect opportunity to start a healthy living. How about educating ourselves regarding heart diseases and get on the right track right now.

According to the federal declaration, “cardiovascular disease — including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure — is responsible for one out of every three deaths. It is the No. 1 killer of American women and men, and it is a leading cause of serious illness and disability.”

This is why Dr. Manish Chauhan, a practicing, a board-certified cardiologist in Austin, TX has been in clinical practice, focusing on providing compassionate, comprehensive and current cardiovascular care to his patients. While cardiologists and other health care providers are the trusted source of information and guidance on these problems, patients often need a reliable, supplemental resource to fully understand their medical conditions and make informed decisions to manage these chronic ailments.

He felt the challenge and launched CardioVisual, first-of-its-kind multimedia app, to make patients understand and engage with the doctors and to make things just a lot more convenient – and comprehensive – for everyone involved: patients, their caregivers, and doctors. Moreover, it not only allows healthcare professionals to easily inform heart patients about their conditions and treatment options at the time of their interaction but also provide patients clear and simple information after their visit.

CardioVisual is a game-changer in the patient-professional engagement and communication realm. It addresses everything you need to know about heart health in one free app that is available both for providers and patients with more than a hundred easy-to-understand animation videos and graphic illustrations that explain complex cardiac procedures and treatments in simple terms, free of jargon. It empowers doctors and patients to have more engaged, high-level conversations with less anxiety, aided by the app’s simple and precise animation videos and, interactive visual illustrations, all from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. The visual component of the app, especially the graphics really sells on accepting the doctor’s diagnosis. Having it, all explained in terms that a layperson can understand is hugely beneficial.

Until now, patients have had to strictly rely on memory from doctor’s visits or surf the Internet for information—or, worse, misinformation. Healthcare professionals are also pressed for time to spend with their patients and caretakers to explain details of these complex problems. CardioVisual changes all of that, allowing patients to easily have guided discussions with their physicians, as well as refer to consistent information anytime, anywhere, and as frequently as desired.

So, this February, raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and fight this wave for a better and healthy future, as it is never too late to take action to protect our health.

CardioVisual is available to both patients and healthcare professionals for free. For more information, visit www.CardioVisual.com.

The CardioVisual app is a multimedia content delivery platform that provides brief educational videos and illustrations showing all aspects of cardiovascular problems.  The app is designed to enhance the interaction between healthcare professionals and patients.

CardioVisual is a simple yet powerful educational tool that allows healthcare professionals to engage and easily inform and educate their patients with accurate and unbiased information about their cardiovascular ailments and treatments. CardioVisual saves physicians time and increases efficiency while improving the quality of their communication. This mobile app can be used through the continuum of a patient’s care, (from initial interaction in clinic or hospital; before and after procedure or surgery while allowing patients access to the same easy-to-understand information on a mobile device. It provides patients with the maximum level of reliable information in a very convenient, current and easy fashion and to assimilate at their own pace.) CardioVisual is accessible on any IOS or Android mobile device or tablet. For information visit www.CardioVisual.com.

CardioVisual app has been downloaded by doctors, nurses, trainees as well as patients in 150 countries. The goal is to provide professionals with and educate patients, around the globe, to help counter the growing incidence of heart disease, with unbiased, reliable and trusted information for free using mobile technology.

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