INOC, USA vows full support to Captain Amarinder Singh and the Congress Party in Punjab elections

New York: At an annual meeting comprising over forty  members held on December 30, 2016, at Sohna Punjab Restaurant in Queens, New York,  the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA unanimously adopted several important resolutions and other measures which would not only bring up to date its by-laws, rules, and procedures but also emboldened the hands of its leadership.  The promotion of several of its officers within the ranks and recruited from outside, including youth, is expected to bring new dynamism, energy and success to the Organization in the near future. This move, which was long awaited, has immediately invigorated everyone especially in the face of upcoming Punjab State elections expected to take place at the beginning of February 2017.

Recounting the accomplishments of INOC, USA, the Secretary-General, Mr. Harbachan Singh applauded the effort of all the leaders and its rank and file.   Playing a major role in hosting the visit of Capt. Amarinder Singh to New York was no small matter.  The words of praise and admiration received from the Captain made so many of his supporters happy, validated and inspired.  Similar recognition by visiting Congress leaders such as Hon. Sushilkumar Shinde during 2016 had the same positive effect of uplifting their mood and resolve.

In announcing the promotions, Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of INOC, USA said that former President of Punjab Chapter, Mr. Tejinder Singh Gill was promoted to the rank of Sr. Vice President and in his place, Mr. Satish Sharma was designated as Chairman and Mr. Jasvir Singh Nawanshahr was designated as the Punjab Chapter President.  Mr. John Joseph, Ms. Malini Shah, Dr. Dayan Naik and Mr. Jagjeet Singh were each promoted to the rank as Vice Presidents.  Mr. Neil Trevidi. Mr. Prasad Kambhampaty and Ms. Megha Mehta were each promoted to the rank of Joint Secretary.  Mr. Koshy Oommen and Ms. Gunjan Rastogi were designated as an executive members of the National Council. Ms. Jaya Sundaram was designated Acting President of Tamil Nadu Chapter, Ms. Leela Maret was designated as Chairperson Women’s Forum and Mr. Sawaran Singh was designated as Chairman of Disciplinary Committee.  Mr. Girish Vidya was nominated to be a member of the Advisory Council together with Mr. Krishnan Arora.   No changes were made to the positions of other officials.  Both Mr. George Abraham, Chairman and Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of INOC, USA congratulated those who received the promotions and wished them good luck.  Mr. Harbachan Singh stated that the decisions were reached after very careful review and that the candidates promoted were of high caliber and enjoyed respect in the society.

Two resolutions were also passed at this meeting viz: one to demonstrate INOC, USAs unflagging support and admiration of Captain Amarinder Singh as the most outstanding leader of the Punjab Congress Committee and vowed its full support to him and his designated candidates in the upcoming State elections in Punjab.

Secondly, INOC, USA deplored the format and unconventional manner the demonetarization  scheme was introduced which has not resulted in any significant results but instead has nevertheless caused untold misery and suffering to the masses of people in whole of India including reported deaths in the vicinity of hundreds and is continuing to have detrimental effects on the people.

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