Dr. Sampat S. Shivangi receives PBD award

Discusses maternal morbidly and mortality in India with PM Modi

“I had a fruitful discussion with the PM on very burning but ignored issue on maternal morbidly and mortality in India which is one of the highest in the world,” Dr. Sampat Shivangi, Chair of Mississippi State Board of Mental Health, told this writer. The discussions with the Indian Prime Minister was held soon after being bestowed with the highest civilian honor , Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas Sanman award for the year 2016 on January 9, 2017 in Blengaluru by the Hon. President of India, Shri Pranav Mukhejee.

A very soft spoken and pioneering Indian American physician, Dr. Shivangi, believes that in many cases, maternal morbidly and mortality in India is worse than some African nations, in spite of tremendous changes have occurred and transformed India. During his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bengaluru last week, Dr. Shivangi said, “I requested the Prime Minister and drew his attention to the fact that the cause of mother who is the focal point in a family but forgotten entity. I appreciated his efforts and his movement on a child girl, Beti Padao, Beti Bachao and appealed to him to include and add “MAAKO BACHAO” a movement that will go long way in reducing such a devastating problem.”

According to Dr. Shivangi, “Modiji was touched by my request and I am much grateful for his receptive audience. I assured him that we would join in such a movement to help our motherland,” the Indian American physician informed this writer.  

Dr.Shivangi has held high offices in USA including as an advisor to US Health & Human Services appointed by then President George W. Bush, a member of the Mississippi state Board of Health by Governor Haley Barbour, then a Chair of the State Board of Mental Health.

Recently a street was named in the state of Mississippi as DR.SAMPAT SHIVANGI STREET by the state for his work and contributions to the cause of Mental Health. The National President of Indian American Forum for political Education, the oldest Indian American associations, Dr. Shivangi has lobbied for several Bills in US Congress on behalf of India through his enormous contacts with US Senators and Congressmen for the last three decades.

Dr. Shivangi has been close to Bush family and was instrumental in lobbying for first Diwali celebration in the White house and President George W. Bush to make his trip to India. He had accompanied President Bill Clinton during his historic visit to India, Dr. Shivangi has worked enthusiastically in promoting India Civil Nuclear treaty and recently US India defense treaty that was passed in the US Congress and signed by President Obama.

The well known and well respected physician, who is an active member of the prestigious American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), he is a strong believer and Supporter of AAPI for more than two decades including founding President of AAPI MS.

Dr. Shivangi has carried out number of philanthropic projects in India including Primary & middle schools, Cuturral Center, IMA Centers that he opened and he brought first ever US Congressional grant to AAPI to study Diabetes Mellitus amongst Indian Americans.

Of the awardees, six are from the U.S., two each from Britain and the United Arab Emirates, and one each from 27 other countries the world over. Five other Indian Americans sharing the honors were Hari Babu Bindal for environmental engineering; Bharat Haridas Barai, Mahesh Mehta and Ramesh Shah for community service; and Nisha Biswal for community leadership. President Pranab Mukherjee conferred Pravasi Bharatiya Samman awards and delivered the valedictory address on January 9th.



1 The PBD award presentation by the President of a India Hon Mukherjee to Dr. Sampath Ssivangi

  1. Dr. Shivangi in conversation with the Prime Minister of India, Hon. Modiji at Pravasi Bharathiya Samman award event in Bangalore.

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