Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy remembered on Long Island

Just as Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence and civil disobedience had changed the fate of India and shook up the British Empire in the same manner Dr. Martin Luther King’s movement had a profound effect on America and its people. Other parts of the world that changed the course of their country’s history include South Africa, Poland, Myanmar etc. and civil disobedience is used in many parts of the world on a daily basis with tremendous success.

Dr. King said no person is free until we are all free. He dedicated his life to create a just society where no one was discriminated based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, religious belief or political persuasion.

Hundreds of people came to pay tribute to Dr. King at the Marriott Hotel, Uniondale on January 16. 2017 so that his dream and legacy of a society free of human and civil rights violations can be achieved.

Many political, judicial,  religious and community leaders who came to pay their tribute included President and Founder Julius and Joysetta Pearse who pioneered Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Committee in New York thirty two years ago, Bishop Phillip Elliott who also introduced  County Executive Ed Mangano who received standing ovation for his work to improve civil and human rights on Long Island.

Comptroller George Maragos, Justices: Anthony Paradiso, Gary Knoble and Andrea Phoenix, several legislators from County and towns, Executive Chairperson Mr. Rodney Mcrae, Board Director and Finance Chair Dr. Parveen Chopra who also served as Chairperson and Commissioner of Human Rights for twenty years and was previously awarded Dr. Martin Luther King Award, Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg who was Master of ceremonies, Rabbi Art Vernon, President Rabbinical Assembly of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, Nassau County Police Commanding Officer Gary Shapiro, Mr. Mohinder Taneja,  Dr. Isma Chaudhry, President Islamic Center of Long Island, Dr. Hubert Keen, President Nassau Community College and many others were some of those who had participated and addressed the audience.

Dr. Martin Luther King Committee awarded several scholarship awards to winners who will attend universities this year of their choice and also honored distinguished civil and human rights leaders who have made significant contributions to society to realize the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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