Trump Meets Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Other Tech Titans


President-elect Donald Trump met with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and 12 other technology titans on Wednesday, December 14th in a bid to heal rifts and get them on board with his program of creating more jobs and increasing investments in the US.

Trump, who had slammed the technology sector during his campaign for exporting jobs and manufacturing overseas, hailed them as an “amazing group of people” at the start of the meeting in Trump Tower and promised them, “I am here to help you folks do well.”

Nadella, who was accompanied by Microsoft President Brad Smith, refused to speak to reporters as he entered and left the Trump Tower. While people in the technology sector criticised Trump during the campaign mostly because of their perception of his social and immigration policies, Nadella was silent in public.

After the election, Nadella congratulated Trump in a post on LinkedIn. But in an implied criticism of the Trump campaign’s perceived rhetoric, he also wrote, “Our commitment to our mission and values are steadfast, and in particular fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.”

Nadella seemed ill at ease during the start of the meeting, which was open to the media. When the participants around the conference table introduced themselves, Nadella, who was seated at a corner away from Trump, said curtly, “Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.” When it was Smith’s turn, he tried to make up for Nadella by saying, “And like Satya, pleased to be here.”

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and also the owner of The Washington Post, which continues its editorial campaign against Trump, set the conciliatory tone from the other side, saying, “I’m super excited about the possibility that this could be the innovations administration.”

A summary of the meeting released by the Trump transition team listed first among items discussed, “Creating more jobs for American workers.” This could impact Indian tech and business process sectors that rely heavily on outsourcing.

Last week, Trump said that he would not allow foreign workers on temporary H-1B visas for technology professionals to displace American workers. Access to visas for hi-tech workers, which worried technology leaders, did not figure in the summary. Among other items discussed were eliminating barriers preventing American companies from doing business in other countries and America’s competitive trade dynamic and market access with China.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was not invited to the meeting as CEO Larry Page and President Sergei Brin of Google’s holding company, Alphabet, were there. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t there either and Sheryl Sandberg, the COO represented the company.

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