On December 4, 2016, the opening of another New Chapter, in Southern California, GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter, was inaugurated at the Mantra Indian Cuisine in Ontario, California. At the opening were present, the GOPIO Chairman, Dr. Thomas Abraham, The GOPIO Foundation Executive Trustee Mr. Inder Singh, and the Gopio-International Treasurer Mr. Kewal Kanda. There were many supporters and Presidents and CEO of various organizations, Corporations, President of National Federation of Indian Associations, Ashok Madan, President of Chamber of Commerce in Artesia Parimal Shah, President of Rajput Association of America Rajinder Dhunna, ASEI Foundation Chairman Subba Gopavarupa, President of County of Los Angeles Indian American Professional Association Ramesh Ramnani, Executive Member of Indian Cultural Society of Los Angeles Manmohan Chopra, Executive Member of BAPS Swami Narayan Temple (Chino Hills, CA) Kanaksinh Zala, Finance Director of City of Hawthorne Rickey Manbahal, Yogesh Patel of ICS-LA, IT Project Manager Sof uperior Court of California Venkateshwar Rao Peddi, and Franchisee, 7-Eleven Stores Tarlochan Rangi, Chief Marketing Officer of ICB International Inc. Dr. Gurmeet Multani, MD, Dr. Atul Karia D.D.S of Sierra Gateway Dental Office, Madhur Shrivastav of Sunbelt Systems and Dr. Devdat Maheshwari of Vedic Temple of Montclair, Award Winning Fashion Designer Shekhar Rahate, Chair of Inland Empire IARCA Rajbir Bagga and Founder of EVP Technology & Innovation Piyush Malik. There were over 50 attendees at the Event and majority of them were from the Inland Empire Region.

The Foundation Executive Trustee, Inder Singh, gave a scenario of what GOPIO Foundation is all about and the many accomplishments since the establishment of GOPIO in 1989. Dr. Thomas Abraham, the Chairman of GOPIO Foundation, gave the New Chapter members of GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter, advice and explained what the goal of GOPIO International is “Think globally and Act Locally” and how GOPIO International does things differently from other Indian Organizations and is connected with the Indian Diaspora, throughout the World. He also discussed the GOPIO News Publications that reaches throughout the world.

GOPIO Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham installed the New Gopio Inland Empire Chapter, along with Inder Singh. Executive Committee members are as follows: President: Vasu Pawar, Executive Vice President: Dr. Kanan Modi, Secretary: Ramesh Ramnani, Jt. Secretary: Dinesh Sharma, Treasurer: Rickey Manbahal

Executive Members included Rajbir Husson, Dr. Gurmeet Multani, Baljit Kaur Toor. Venkat Peddi, Shyamal Leonard, Taneja Husson, Bharati Lunagaria, Raj Lunagaria, Raj Bagga, Suren Sabkota, Atul Karia, Tarlochan Rangi, Chanel Beery. Deepicka Mehta

Vasu Pawar, shared information on the Inland Empire region of S. California, which covers approximately 27,000 square miles. All of West Riverside County, S. West San Bernardino County, and E. Los Angeles County, Cities like Pomona Valley through Palm Springs. Inland Empire has a population of approximately 4 million and in the 19th century was predominantly a major agricultural region, of Citrus, Dairy Farms, and Wine making. Now it’s more of a Residential, Industrial and Commercial Development.

Pawar said that that our strength lies in the inexhaustible resources of our people. It is important that we renew that strength and create energy, to secure our Indian heritage, the pride of our nation and the people of Indian Origin. Our voices have to be heard. When we work together with our common values and principles and with confidence, we must reach our destination.

Pawar plans to make GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter, to be the biggest and the most productive chapter in the History of the GOPIO Establishment. The President of GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter, Ms. Vasu Pawar wishes to distinguish herself and her chapter, with uniqueness, and exceptional performance, and professionalism. She looks forward to the wholehearted support and participation of the community in the Inland Empire Region in making the GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter, a Chapter to be remembered.

The GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter President, Vasu Pawar, with a background in English Literature, Education, Finance, and Information Technology, started her carrier in the U.S., as a Systems Analyst and further transitioned into Finance.

She expressed that she has various projects on her mind, which address, Charity, Entertainment, Motivation and Strength to the Indian Diaspora. Pawar thanked everyone for attending the opening of the GOPIO-Inland Empire Chapter, to accomplish a very important task to focus and address issues of our fellow Indians and to help each other, to bring recognition and fame to each and every Indian in our community, and to address values and principles, which guide us.

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