Shahnaz hysteria grips Trade Fair

Shahnaz Husain Visits India International Trade Fair 2016

Shahnaz Husain, who is showcasing her premium Ayurvedic beauty formulations, visited the Trade Fair and gave Free Consultation for skin and hair problems, on Sunday, 20th November, 2016. Her visit created total mob hysteria and the crowd at her pavilion had to be seen to be believed. The people were clamouring for her autograph and asking for prescriptions, so much so that there was fear of the counters and pillars collapsing. The riot police had to be called to control the surging crowds.

The Shahnaz Husain Group, leaders in Ayurvedic Beauty Care, have a spectacular display at: STALL No.27B-02-C, HALL NO.27 (HANGAR);  GATE No.7 (NEAR METRO STATION).

Among the products on display are the newly launched Shahnaz Husain Luxury Organic Range, comprising of a selected blend of chemical-free organic ingredients;  the Shahnaz Husain Yogic Veda Range of formulations for a holistic beauty care routine, as well as the Starlight Range, re-launched in totally new packaging. Specially formulated for film and TV stars, it helps counter the damaging effects of harsh arc lights, sun, pollution, dust, wind and heavy make-up.

With over four decades of expertise, the Shahnaz Husain formulations are internationally renowned for specialized Ayurvedic beauty care and cures. The have received several international awards for Quality Excellence. As a special gesture to visitors to the Trade Fair, Shahnaz Husain is offering several attractive discounts on products and the Beauty Diploma Course. Indeed, the Shahnaz Herbal Stall at IITF 2016 offers the experience of advanced natural beauty care, based on India’s glorious herbal traditions.

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