Prayer For World Peace At Gayatri Chetna Center’s Diwali Celebration

The Gayatri Chetna Center of New York celebrated Diwali and the New Year Oct. 28 with community gathering, prayer for world peace and expressing gratitude to the veterans and martyrs who have dedicated their life for the service of the nation.

The center is a chapter of All World Gayatri Pariwar, working under Pandit Shriram Sharma acharya and Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma. The celebrations were held under the patronage and guidance of Pranav Pandya and Shail Jiji.

The festive events started from Dhan Teras and Chopda Puja Oct. 28, followed by Diwali and annakoot Oct. 30. and the New Year celebration Oct. 31. Chopda Pujan was well attended by the community members to mark the beginning of the new financial year from the Diwali. The ceremony was conducted according to the Vedic tradition, imbibing the teachings for generating and using wealth with the right means.

Food offerings in small and big amount were brought by everyone, which was offered as prasad and then distributed as meals to everyone who visited the center.

This, according to the organizers, was a great way to visualize the model of larger family and the oneness where everyone came together and shared the joy to enjoy Diwali.

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