New York City Council honors Ranju Batra

The New York City Council honored Ranju Batra, a businesswoman, community leader and chairperson of Diwali Stamp Project, for her singular achievement in having a Diwali Stamp issued by the USPS on November 15th.

Batra’s journey to have the US postal department issue a Diwali stamp started in 2010. She discussed the idea of a Diwali stamp with community leaders only to learn that many had already tried only to fail. But this did not deter Ranju. She was able to get support from multiple members of Congress and collected thousands upon thousands of paper petitions.

Ranju Batra’s perseverance and single minded devotion bore fruit. On August 23, 2016, the announcement was made that the Diwali Stamp was approved. On October 5, 2016 at the Consulate General of India, history was made and Diwali Forever Stamp was unveiled at an official function of the USPS jointly with Consulate General of India and Diwali Stamp Project.

As this dream becomes a reality, Ranju Batra said, “The Postal Service has made history by giving us the Stamp. Now, we need to make history for the Postal Service by having the most amount of stamps sold on the first Day. This is a unique opportunity for our community to come together and buy sooo many Diwali Stamps that our community will be recognized forever as being together and united!”

Ranju Batra has dedicated her life to serving the public. Born in India, she immigrated to the United States in 1975. She has a successful business record and still finds time for social, civic, political and charitable activities, including working as a trustee of the Hindu Center in Flushing. She served as President of Association of Indians in America (AIA), New York Chapter in 2011-12.

“My heartfelt thanks also to all who supported me, especially our dear friend Carolyn Maloney who partnered with me and led the fight, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama. Of special recognition are members of the media who  documented the efforts and gave critical support over these many years,” Batra had said at the launch of the Diwali stamp.

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