Dharun Ravi’s Plea Deal Ends Long Drawn Case

From News Dispatches.

A plea deal worked out by an Indian-American youth who was convicted on charges of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy of his gay roommate, may finally bring to an end a case that hit headlines and energized a national debate on homophobia and bullying, even evoking a response from President Obama
Former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi on Oct. 27, pleaded guilty in a Middlesex County Superior Court in New Jersey, to one count of 3rd degree attempted invasion of privacy. Four years ago, he was convicted on 15 counts of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy as well as evidence tampering, when he put out a secretly videotaped his roommate Tyler Clementi’s encounter with a gay man. Clementi went on to commit suicide shortly thereafter. However, Ravi has consistently denied his actions led to the suicide and has never been charged on that count.

In September, a court dismissed five of thos 15 counts and called for a new trial on the remaining counts. In making the plea agreement, Ravi effectively puts to rest the case that has dragged on for five years.

According to a report in Nj.com, Ravi completed his 300 hours of community service Oct. 27, and has already served 30 days in jail, finished his probation period, and paid the $10,000 fine.

“Dharun Ravi will be sentenced to time served for the third-degree charge and will spend no additional time in jail,” according to the news report, after he admitted to attempting to activate a webcam to record his roommate’s interaction intending to let others see it as well. The activation however, failed to materialized. Ravi was quoted in nj.com saying he “feels good” and is “relieved” and his lawyer Steven Altman said, “He just wants to disappear.” The young man works in IT in New York City, the news report said.

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