Avinash Iragavarapu: The Indian who helped Donald Trump win

Donald Trump emerged to victory defeating Hillary Clinton in the recent US president elections. Behind Trump’s victory lies the role of analytics which helped trump to understand the dynamics of the campaign and manage it from time to time. But there is an Indian angle which can not be overlooked. An Indian software engineer, dexterious in big data and analytics, was in charge of understanding the tone of the US public. Avinash Iragavarapu who is also responsible for the victory and managing analytics for Trump guided the Trump campaign with adequate, accurate insights gathered from the unstructured data lying scattered on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc) and the internet. Iragavarapu spent time decoding the mood of the Americans and hence provided Trump with information which proved crucial in winning the voters’ heart.

Avinash Iragavarapu, an MBA graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, helped Donald Trumpto win the US Presidential elections. Political campaigning is his natural forte. He joined the YSR Congress’s election campaign in Andhra Pradesh after quitting his job with HCL Technologies Ltd in New Delhi.

“Reason for Trump’s victory: Telugu guy Avinash Iragavarapu. 30 yr old on an H4 visa from West Godavari Andhra Pradesh. He’s from IIM Lucknow, did data analytics and crunched the numbers. He did his research on every state and found out what words people like to hear in each state. Based on his research, Trump’s speeches were written and executed. He’s one of the four people Trump took with him while campaigning for nomination. He moved to the US in June 2014 to visit his wife who was a student at that time. He found a roadside placard in Chandler and helped the local Republican mayor with his ideas to victory. He quickly moved up the ranks within the GOP and Avinash currently holds the position of Sr. Executive Director for the GOP. Avinash is expected to get citizenship by approval from Trump immediately and a position of Arizona senator”

His keen interest in politics could not keep him away from it even in the US. Avinash’s wife works for Intel in Arizona. He went to join her for holidays in 2014, and it was then where it all began.

Arizona was going for polls to elect its governor. Avinash did his own research and polls chose Doug Ducey as his candidate for the primary and wrote to his campaign. Ducey’s campaign made Avinash a part of itself and he used to do a lot of “data work and polling”, primarily identifying the areas where they could spend the money they raised to gain votes.

Arizona traditionally is a Republican leaning state. Ducey went on to win the primaries, and even the Arizona Gubernatorial election in November 2014, defeating Fred DuVal comfortably. Avinash’s data work was well praised by the Arizona GOP chairman Robert Graham.

With his astounding performance, he went on to achieve heights within the Arizona GOP. He was promoted to political director and then to executive director within a span of a year. This portfolio put him in charge of all the elections for Arizona, including the general elections.

Avinash was tasked to help Donald Trump win Arizona, a state that has been a Republican stronghold since George Bush won it in 2000. Donald Trump successfully won the state of Arizona and the 47 delegates that come with it.
“I have met Donald Trump personally. He knows I am from India. He’s a totally fine person, and he’s embraced me with open arms. He has only spoken out against illegal immigration,” says Avinash.

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Avinash Iragavarapu, a 30 years old, is in the US on H4 visa. He’s an IIM Lucknow alumnus who also spearheaded the Trump’s march among the Indian-American lobby. With the best big data skills in his baggage, he guided Trump to chalk out lucrative poll strategies.

Iragavarapu had also played a crucial role in India during the 2014 general elections where he helped YSR Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh. Iragavarapu has also worked in the past for HCL.

After moving to the US in June 2014 on H4 visa, he found a roadside placard in Chandler to help the local Republican mayor. Thus began his march towards making Trump the next president. He helped the local candidate to win the election. His big data and analytics skills brought him to the spotlight. This proved a triggering point in his career and pushed him up in the ranks in the GOP. The Republican Party is commonly referred to as the GOP (Grand Old Party). Iragavarapu currently holds the position of Sr. Executive Director for the GOP. Because of role, it is probable that Iragavarapu gets the US citizenship soon.

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