Devgns win hearts of Texans in Dallas during the “Meet the Devgns USA tour for the upcoming film SHIVAAY

Texas rolled out the red carpet this week to welcome the Bollywood power couple, Ajay Devgn and Kajol who were on their tour in the United States to promote Devgn’s upcoming action thriller “Shivaay”. Produced by Ajay Devgn FFilms, Pen India Limited and NH Studioz, “Shivaay” will be distributed overseas by Reliance Entertainment. The press and public tours are presented by Reliance Entertainment and powered by Wells Fargo, Prria Haider Productions, Dembi Productions, Sahil, Desi Junction, Cine Grand and DFW South Asian Film Festival. The duo made a quick stop in Dallas on the way to Chicago and San Fransisco from New York with an intimate affair at the W Hotel & Residencies, Dallas, Texas on the 23rd September 2016 hosted by Dr. Bharat and Smita Sangani.

‘Shivaay’ is a family drama about a mountaineer who lives in his world but also turns into a destroyer, when it comes to his family. The trailer of the film is very intriguing and has already broken all records. It shows Ajay doing stunts on the snow-clad mountains with intense fight scenes. At the same time, highly romantic and emotional side can also be seen.

The conference unveiled the second song from the movie titled ‘Darkhast’ and everything about the icy song; from music to lyrics, from cinematography to Ajay and Erika’s chemistry completely melted our hearts. Erika Kaar, a Polish actress, who made her Bollywood debut with the action-thriller, is currently the talk of the town and we just couldn’t get our eyes off her during the entire song as she has done a marvelous job. Talking about the music, Kajol describes the title song, as “one of the best songs with outstandingly written lyrics that makes it easier for everyone to understand what it means to be Shivaay”.

During the conference, Ajay talks about the connection of his character whose name is Shivaay to Lord Shiva. He states, “As Lord Shiva is almost human and got all the imperfections, can be fooled, is detrimental, is a destroyer. Similarly, Shivaay also has all elements of the imperfections that is channelized in the right way and becomes a superhero in extraordinary situations”.

When asked about the cast of the film, Ajay responded, “Since the script demanded actors from all over the world and lots of characters are not supposed to be Indian, I took 6-8 months to cast characters from US, UK, Portland and Germany and it is a performance oriented film so I took time and got lucky to find actors who are amazing”. While, the entire team did an outstanding job getting the film together; the couple talks about the physical challenges that they had concerning the weather conditions, wherein they had to shoot in -25 degrees. Kajol supported Ajay throughout and appreciated the way he directed, produced and acted at the same time, which was the biggest challenge of all.

When asked if Kajol would ever direct a film, she responded, “I love being the captain of my family and wouldn’t want to be a director ever.” They have not left any stone unturned to promote the film and we are already excited to see the much-anticipated role of Ajay in this intense film.

Jitin Hingorani, JINGO Media, DFW South Asian Film Festival and O¹Harani Luxe Experiences made the entire press conference a bhuge success. The film is set to release this Diwali, and fans of the Indian Cinema all over the United States are looking forward to the perfect combo of drama, thriller and romance.

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