AAPI To Hold 10th Annual Global Healthcare Summit In Udaipur, Rajasthan

The groundbreaking Summit from December 28-30, 2016 will discuss ways to bring the most innovative, efficient and cost effective healthcare solutions for India

The 10th annual Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) organized by the Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs & Ministry of Health and the government of Gujarat, with participation from some of the world’s most well known physicians, and industry leaders will be held from December 28th to 30th, 2016 in Udaipur, Rajasthan,.

“In order to cater to its diversity of medical specialties, AAPI continues to use a multi-disciplinary conference format to provide ongoing education to its members. The essence of AAPI is educational,” Dr. Ajay Lodha, president of AAPI, while describing the purpose of CME said. According to Dr. Lodha, “That translates into numerous Continuing Medical Education and non-CME seminars by experts in their fields. CME will provide comprehensive and current reviews and guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of various disease states to reduce morbidity and mortality and achieve cost effective quality care outcomes. At the end of the activity, it is expected that attendees will gain an understanding of the causation, diagnosis and the best clinical practices for the management of the diverse group of diseases discussed during this program.”

AAPI ith JP Nadda
AAPI ith JP Nadda

“Many of the physicians who will attend this convention have excelled in different specialties and subspecialties and occupy high positions as faculty members of medical schools, heads of departments, and executives of hospital staff. The GHS offers an opportunity to meet directly with these physicians who are leaders in their fields and play an integral part in the decision-making process regarding new products and services,” Dr. Lodha added.

“In our continued effort to expand and broaden the scope, AAPI, with AIIMS as ADVISOR to the AAPI International Research Competition and in collaboration with AIIMS, RUHS and RNT is now taking this competition to the international level and at the upcoming 10th Annual Global Health Summit,” Dr. Lodha said. He invited all Medical Students, Residents, Young faculty up to 10 years after PG, Research Associates, Research Scientists, PhD Students, Hospital and Healthcare Management Students, AYUSH Professionals, Young Innovators etc. of India origin to submit articles/abstract based on Original Research done by him/her and that it has not been presented, published or submitted anywhere else.

The Research Paper Competition shall be conducted under five categories, Dr. Lodha said. 1.  Clinical Sciences and Patient Based Research; 2.      Basic Science/Translational Research; 3.      Innovations in Healthcare; 4.      Hospital and Healthcare Management; and, 5.      AYUSH. For more information on the research contest, please visit our website – www.aapiresearchcomp.org

According to Dr. Lodha, who has just returned from India, after a series of meetings with several Ministers and government officials in New Delhi, Rajasthan, and Mumbai, said, “This year AAPI Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) at Udaipur will be many new initiatives and also will be carrying the torch of ongoing projects undertaken by AAPI’s past leaders. In addition, several prominent leaders both from India and abroad will be addressing the Summit.”

AAPI with Maneka Gandhi
AAPI with Maneka Gandhi

Some of the highlights of the Summit will include,  initiating the AAPI project of saving the lives of Traumatic Brain Injury victims and Rajasthan Kota has been chosen as second town as a pilot project for saving the lives of the road side accident victim; First whole day symposium and work shop on EPS; Announcing of initiatives including treatment modalities on Non communicable medical diseases; Women’s forum where prominent women leaders of different sects have been invited to discuss on various modalities of treatment modalities and for women and child health development; and, the fifth CEO symposium with special emphasis on Patient centric care involving several CEO’s from Pharma companies, CEO’s of hospitals of American and Indian, health care leaders and directors of health care agencies and government officials.

The Forum will also offer insights into managing efficiently the growing costs in the delivery of healthcare services. “With the changing trends and statistics in healthcare, both in India and US, we are refocusing our mission and vision, AAPI would like to make a positive meaningful impact on the healthcare delivery system both in the US and in India,” Dr. Lodha said.

The Summit will facilitate dissemination and exchange of best practices including a special session on Public-Private Partnership featuring AAPI Healthcare Charitable showcase & innovation. During the Return to India/Visa to India Seminar, a high caliber faculty will share the experiences of NRIs who have returned and about the financial, real estate and legal challenges faced. For the first time, the Udaipur Summit will have Rajasthan as the first state to launch officially the official Guidelines for addressing the trauma and brain injury victims, Dr. Lodha says.

AAPI with Richard Verma
AAPI with Richard Verma

This international healthcare summit is a progressive transformation from the first Indo-US Healthcare Summit launched by AAPI USA in 2007. “Providing a forum for innovative opportunities for learning, networking and giving back to our motherland that have now enabled us to plan ahead and prepare for an outstanding event that will be over 300 very prominent and talented physicians and surgeons from abroad, in addition to the hundreds of physicians from India, who are very passionate about serving their homeland, mother India,” Dr. Gautam Samadder, President-Elect of AAPI, says.=

“This Summit will display how well the Indian doctors have shown themselves as an effective force in the medical world in USA,” Dr. Naresh Parikh, Vice President of AAPI, says. GHS 2014 will include a scientific programs developed by leading experts with contributions by the Scientific Advisory Board and International Scientific Committee, which will includes high priority areas like Cardiology, Diabetes, Oncology, Surgery, Mental Health, Maternal and Child Health, Allergy-Immunology and Lung Health, Health Information Technology (HIT), and the impact of co-morbidities, Dr. Samadder explains.

To be attended by nearly 1,000 delegates from around the world, GHS is a forum for exploring the most innovative, efficient, cost effective healthcare solutions for India. Aimed at advancing the accessibility, affordability and the quality of world-class healthcare to the people of India. While seeking to identify ways for greater collaboration and cooperation between the physicians and health care providers in India with those of Indian origin and major healthcare providers abroad, the Summit will focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment options and share ways to truly improve healthcare transcending global boundaries.

“With the changing trends and statistics in healthcare, both in India and US, we are refocusing our mission and vision of GHS, and AAPI would like to make a positive meaningful impact on the healthcare in India,” Dr. Lodha says. “In our quest to fulfill the mission of AAPI, we are proud to share best practice and experiences from leading experts in the world and develop actionable plans for launching demonstration projects that enable access to affordable and quality healthcare for all people. To accomplish this mission, AAPI is backed by leading healthcare experts and professional associations, including Indian Affairs and Indian Development foundation Overseas Indians,” he adds. For more information on Global Health Summit, please visit www.aapiusa.org

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