Patel Scholars Program launched at N.J. City University

New Jersey City University has launched a scholarship program, called The Patel Scholars Program, supporting MBA students from Ahmedabad, India, as also the United States in their educational endeavors at the four-year public university in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The scholarship program has been made possible due to the generosity of its alumnus Chirag Patel, a 1989 NJCU graduate in Business Administration, covers the full cost of tuition, from admission to graduation, for students 5 each from Ahmedabad and the U.S.

The Patel scholars will take part in a program designed to meet their unique needs and engage in cultural activities, internship opportunities and rigorous academic initiatives, on their way to earning an MBA degree. The first batch of students, including 5 from Ahmedabad’s H. A. College of Commerce, and 5 from the U.S. started their classes last week.

While the U.S. students will study for two years for the degree, the students coming from India will have to pursue a 3-year course. The difference in course duration is because of issues relating to credit requirements and transfer of a portion of the credits of the Indian students from their home institutions depending on the NAAC criteria and assessment.

The Patel Scholars from India will take approximately 45 credits of pre-determined general business education studies, to address potential gaps in their general education requirements and knowledge base of the American economy and business climate.

“We are yet to make an official announcement about the Patel Scholars Program which will be done probably next month, but already there is a lot of excitement about this initiative both here and in India,” Daniel P. Elwell, vice president for university advancement, said.

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