NRI leaders pay glowing tributes to Rep. Danny Davis on his 75th Birthday celebrations

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Chicago IL: The 7th Illinois Congressional District’s Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force hosted a historic grand rousing reception to honor United States Congressman Danny K. Davis on his 75th birthday on September 6th at Captain Hard Times Banquet in Southside of Chicago. Political luminaries, business leaders, church pastors, civil rights figures, community activists and Physicians, all joined in unison to pay glowing tributes to Congressman Davis for his illustrious 51 yearsof public-service leadership .

The packed birthday felicitations was highlighted by the presence of a galaxy of political leaders including Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Deputy Mayor of Chicago Andrea Zopp, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Dorothy Brown, Illinois State Senator Napoleon Harris and many ethnic medical and community leaders – who each took to the podium to pay glowing encomiums to the Congressman Davis for his fierce devotion to the beliefs of public service spanning over five decades  as Chicago Alderman, Cook County Commissioner and now the United States Congressman.

Presiding over the birthday celebrations luncheon, Dr. Vijay G Prabhakar, Executive Vice-Chair of the Multi-Ethnic Advisory Task Force introduced the ranking officials and described Congressman Danny Davis as a man of great virtue, piety and unparalleled faithfulness to serving the people. Dr. Vijay G Prabhakar said that the tributes and greetings have been pouring in from all across the political spectrum as Congressman Davis is widely esteemed inside the beltway.

Harish Kolasani, President NRI SEVA and his members performed aarti and garlanded Congressman Davis on his arrival. Ms. Leontine Horne, Vice chair, New Hope Community Service presented a bouquet of 75 red roses while Mr.Sohan Joshi, Chairman of New Hope Community Service presented Rep Davis with a golden silk shawl.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan who received a rousing introductory welcome from Dr. Vijay G Prabhakar, eulogized Congressman Danny Davis as a mass leader who continuosly serves people with commitment and conviction. Attorney General Lisa Madigan gave an inspiring address listing the achievements of Representative Davis. Kishor Mehta,Task Force Chair presented a floral bouquet and Gerard Moorer, Task Force Director presented a shawl to Ms. Madigan.

State Senator Napoleon in his opening remarks said that Congressman Danny Davis served him as an inspiring mentor and his aspirations remain to be like him serving the people of the country for many years.Eddie Newell Of Jordans Dreams presented a floral bouquet and Vijender Doma of United Telugu Christians Association presented a sha wl to Senator Harris.

Deputy Mayor Andrea Zopp  conveyed the City Of Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s birthday greetings to Congressman Davis. Deputy Mayor Andrea Zopp said that Congressman Davis’s role in building a vibrant and strong City of Chicago will go down in history. Mr. Keerthi Ravoori presented a floral bouquet and Mr Nagendran Sripad of End Point Graphics presented a shawl to Deputy mayor Zopp.

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Dorothy Brown in her greetings, praised for Congressman Davis for his pioneering national legislative initiative to  pass the ‘second-chance’ bill to the prisoners/offenders and added this has inspired her to launch the expunge initiative which is providing legal relief especially to the young who have committed offence.

Rep. Danny Davis presented the Golden Eagle Award 2015 to Dr. William O.P. Dorsey, CEO, Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago for his singular contribution to the development of Jackson Park Hospital. Dr Pratap C Kumar, past President, Indian American Medical Association-Illinois introduced Dr. Dorsey and recalled his contributions to the Hospital from 1981.Dr Kumar added that the previous recipients of the Award include Governor Pat Quinn in 2012 for abolishing death penalty in Illinois. Dr Tapas Dasgupta presented a silk shawl to Dr Dorsey on behalf of the Task Force. Ms. Shirley Kalavakota, Reception Chair presented a floral bouquet to Dr Dorsey.

Replying to the felicitations, Congressman Davis recalled the role of his parents, Church and Martin Luther King in shaping his destiny. Rep. Davis said that the celebration of his 75th birthday is a celebration of his constituents, the people of Illinois and his fellow democratic leaders who have all collectively worked hard to build a strong City of Chicago, a united County of Cook and a prosperous State of Illinois. He personally thanked the fellow democratic leaders present, the Community leaders and the organizers for this wonderful celebration of life, love and unity.

Kishor Mehta, Task Force Chair in his closing remarks highlighted the role of Mother Josephine Wade, President of Captain Hard Times Dining Banquet and her team for hosting the luncheon event. Mehta also called for nominations from the Community for those individuals or organizations that have successfully managed to make a difference in people /community lives,and achievers to be honored at the Sixth Annual Congressional Awards Gala to be hosted on Sunday October 30 at Meadows Club, Rolling Meadows.

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